Petworth Farmers Market Gets Pleasant Pops and Volunteers Needed for Median Clean up Sat.

From an email:

“Stop by today’s market for some EXCITING new vendors! The immensely popular local entrepreneurs from Pleasant Pops will be at the market offering their delicious line-up of custom-made Popsicles! You may also notice a new delicious aroma when you swing by with the addition an on-site barbecue smoker serving fresh ribs! You may have also noticed that the market recently began selling fresh eggs from Waterview Foods!”

The Petworth Market is located on 9th St, NW off Georgia Ave (between Taylor and Upshur) and runs every Friday from 3-7pm.

“Dear PoP,

A couple of neighbors in Petworth are organizing to maintain the median in New Hampshire Ave (remove weeds) this Saturday from 8:00am to 11:00pm. There was the one event for planting where at least 8 people participated. Now the problem has become weeds. We have been trying to tackle this but between 3 people alone it seems like a loosing battle. Do you think you could post some announcement to see if we can get any other neighbors to help/volunteer this Saturday. We will meet at 8:00am at the 3900 block of New Hampshire.”

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  • The first announcement has an excessive amount of exclamation points and the second misuses the word “loosing”.

  • Isn’t this the city’s obligation?

  • We should fill the medians with liriope and mow it once a year in the spring.

  • Will the hookers be at the market?

  • Saw no hookers, but just tried the ribs. Oh my, they are good. Hope that truck appears every Friday. And that cucumber popsicle was interesting too! We’ll see about the addition of the fresh eggs tomorrow morning. But he did play a rubber band trick for our daughter that she loved.

    • Tender Rib did well, sold out of everything! So yes they will be a regular addition to the market now. Had the pulled pork, reeeealllly good.

  • I admire the effort! But maybe do the median cleanup on a day that doesn’t conflict with Saturday’s DC public schools beautification day? But not Columbia Heights Day, that’s next week. How’s Sunday for you?

  • blester01

    Can we get more of an advanced notice (about a week and then a reminder) about the median restoration? I have missed both times because I have found out about this after the fact.

    I would be happy to chip in if I know ahead of time.

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