Mar de Plata Closes in Dupont

Back in March ’09 we learned that Mar de Plata had closed at 1410 14th Street, NW but had relocated to 1827 Jefferson Place, NW. Sadly, last weekend I noticed that the Jefferson Place located (pictured above near the popular Trattu rest.) had closed as well.

We had previously judged Mar de Plata here. I’ll keep my eyes peeled to see who/what goes into the space on Jefferson. Though it is interesting to not that the 1410 14th St, NW location remains vacant.

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  • Mar de Plata on Jefferson Pl. has always been there, even when they had the location open on 14th Street. Wonder what will go in there next? Fudruckers on the same block just closed a few months ago too – whats the deal!?

  • Hardly surprising — typical case of a restaurant that had been in business for a while and started taking its customers for granted until one day it turns around and the customers have moved on.

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