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  • What makes a grilled cheese worth $5.50?

    • or a hotdog worth $6? wow. there better be a baseball game within view for that price.

      • Hot dog comes with fries, so I guess that’s a little better for $6. Not sure about the grilled cheese though.

        I won’t eat there because the name is so frickin’ dumb.

        • But chances are, you’re wonky too.

          • Yeah… I’m not

            I don’t care about people being wonky, but what on earth does that have to do with characteristics of eating or cooking? ‘Eating wonky’ to me means going to Subway, getting a shitty sandwich and devouring it while reviewing a policy report back at your office. Are they celebrating the culinary habits or workaholic politicos, or trying to better them?

            People just lazily slap things from stereotypical ‘federal’ Washington onto restaurants/bars/etc. Just seems kind of lame to me, that’s all.

      • That is too much, even with fries!

    • Yuppies who love trendy food-trucks and retro kid food.

      Same thing with cupcakes. Probable the most simplistic baked treat in the world. Yet there are doeznes of overpriced cupcake places but no place to get a decent strudel or cream puff or Napoleon.

      Next thing I want to start is selling Kool Aid on the street for $5

      • NEVER understood the cupcake thing, yeah they are good but not stand out side for an hour in 90+ degree heat good. Like a notch above harris teeter cupcakes…

        OMG Napoleons are so good, haven’t a clue where to find them.

  • How long before they get sued by Nestle?

  • Screw poutine. I want Disco Fries.

  • Hey look guys if you want to eat the same old slop from Burger King, McDonalds etc, then keep eating it. Give these guys a break at least the quys are trying something different. Not complaining of eating the same old crap everyday saying you want something different. How about telling them what you want to try and maybe they will try to cook for you instead of complaining the food price is to high and the name is Wonky. So get a life and quit whinning. Prices are high everywhere… So go ahead and try the food or give them advise on what you want to eat. They are just starting out so they need ideas.
    Lee, ECCC

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