Huge Scuttlebutt: Shake Shack Coming to DC!!!

Back in May we learned that Fuddruckers had closed up at 1216 18th St NW just off, Connecticut Ave. Many folks have written emails, curious about what is going go into this prime location. Brace yourself – I’m told New York’s famous Shake Shack has signed a lease for this space. Shake Shack is most famous for its burgers and its Web site says:

Welcome to Shake Shack®, a modern day “roadside” burger stand serving the most delicious burgers, hot dogs, frozen custard, beer, wine and more! We use the finest local ingredients to make our version of much-loved American classics.

Shake Shack® opened its windows in Madison Square Park in 2004 and immediately became a neighborhood fixture, with locals, tourists and people from all walks of life gathering to enjoy some Shack goodness. Remarkably, people took to the wait, happy to be together amongst friends and strangers in the name of delicious food, in a fantastic setting. The press took note as well, the ShackBurger®, Hot Dog and Frozen Custard were highlighted among the best in the city by numerous media outlets over the years.

I know there are those who don’t like when I pass on scuttlebutt. Well, tough. This is potentially huge news for burger lovers. I give it a likelihood of 98% accurate. I’m hearing that the lease has actually been signed so it’s not just in a speculative scuttlebutt phase (which I also think is fun). I’ll be sure to update when an opening date is selected.

In the meantime, it looks like this section of Connecticut Ave by Dupont Circle is becoming Burger Row. As mentioned earlier in the day Go Burger is coming to 1317 Connecticut Ave, NW. Rogue States currently of “burger fumes” fame is located at 1300 Connecticut Ave, NW. And finally the first of the recent wave to open The Burger Joint is located at 1514 Connecticut Ave, NW. Can all three make it? And don’t forget celebrity chef Bobby Flay is still looking to open a Bobby’s Burger Palace in the DC area.

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  • I repeat – burgers are the new cupcakes.

  • If this is true I will be the happiest person ever. Shake Shake burgers and shakes are AMAZING. I worked right near Madison Square Park in NYC for two years and went often.

  • Too bad we couldn’t instead get Shake Shack to open up inside Franklin Park. We need to activate our midsize downtown parks.

    • I just said the same thing to a co-worker–Franklin Park would be a perfect location for them.

    • The only thing that needs to be “activated” in Franklin Square park is some kind of massive air freshener system to cover /get rid of the strong scent of urine that pervades at all times.

    • I was just thinking that this morning–what is it with Franklin Park? Its been completely overlooked.

  • The burgers are great, but the shakes are fantastic. Holy. You just made my week!

  • I had heard a while ago that Shake Shack was coming to D.C., but hadn’t heard anything about the location. Definitely keep us updated if you hear of an opening date!

  • there’s a guitar shop upstairs? how have i never noticed that?

  • didn’t a burger joint just open a block up same side of street near Krispy kreme? must be a burger-demanding area

  • Actually, I looked in BGR just north of Dupont last Thursday and Friday nights and could not find a free table inside. Should Shake Shack actually open on Connecticut Ave., I foresee perennial Georgetown Cupcake-style lines — notwithstanding the two or three other burger places that will be within a block or two.


  • Re “burger row” let’s not forget the Five Guys at 1645 Connecticut, and the Johnnie Rockets across the avenue a little further up.

    Obviously a Shake Shack would be great but there are enough Five Guys in this city to keep real burger fans happy.

  • OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shake Shack is far superior than 5 guys.

  • YES!

    I love Five Guys, but I’m not worried about them. I don’t think burgers are a zero-sum game. Everybody wins with more burgers!

  • YES!

    I love Five Guys, but I’m not worried about them. I don’t think burgers are a zero-sum game. Everybody wins with more burgers! And at least there’ll be good milkshakes.

  • Oh man, I wish they would open downtown, or better yet, in U Street / Columbia Heights / Petworth. I love this place, it will be constantly mobbed. Instantly the best burger place in DC (although Ray’s, if coming to Mount Vernon, is good competition as well, and I thought BGR had really good burgers, but I didn’t like the fries).

  • The Golden Triangle BID is seriously thinking about promoting this area as Washington’s Burger District. I think it’s a great idea! It will certainly draw more tourists into the area and increase foot traffic on the weekends.

  • Meh,burgers. I’m fine with Five Guys. What I want to know is where I can get a good cheesesteak.

    • Have you tried Philadelphia Water Ice on H Street, NE? They are delicious and the closest to Philly standards I’ve had anywhere outside of Philly.

  • I hope you’re getting some $ out of these “scuttlebutt” posts, PoP, because otherwise the enthusiasm for chain junk is kind of depressing.

    • So you really think that PoP posts scuttlebutt about “chain” stores while withholding scuttlebutt about non-chain stores?

      Or perhaps you think he should ignore scuttlebutt about all chain stores despite the fact that many people care about it?

      Does everything have to have an ulterior motive or a price tag? He’s just passing something on. Take it or leave it.

  • I thought JJ’s on U and 14th was pretty solid for cheesesteaks. I mean maybe not up to the standards of Philly transplants, but they are the best I’ve had in DC.

  • Shake Shack rocks. That’s a burger I’ll go out of my way for.

    5 Guys can suck it. I’ll never have to eat their limp hours old Cajun fries again (hint they don’t make Cajun fries fresh…at least not at the National Place location…they dump old fries on the Cajun side and sprinkle it with cajun seasoning…worst affront to a burger customers since mayo on burgers)…

  • all you people are completely overlooking the frozen custard aspect of this. you have had frozen custard before, right? i say, bring it!

  • holy crap. that is amazing. i adore the shake shack, used to live a short walk from it. location’s mildly disappointing but i’ll take the shake shack anywhere we can get it.

  • Whatever happened with the Ray’s Hellburgers that was supposed to open in Adams Morgan?

  • I love Shake Shack! Hit it any time i’m in NY. Long lines though, but great burgers.

  • Burgers are so passe. Atlanta went through this fad ten years ago. Typical DC.

    Oh, and PoP: This Captcha BS is getting WAY out of line, dude. I’m getting non-English characters and other crazy stuff that no normal human being could possibly read.

    • what would you like to see open?

      • I absolutely second the idea of a franchised Tony Luke’s – as mentioned above.

        Otherwise, I really have no complaints about the junk food that I can get in this city. Reasonably priced diners/lunch counters would be great, but I know that type of place doesn’t really jive with the sky high rents around here.

    • Please DO explain what typical DC is… if you mean typically DC is filled with a bunch of whiney people who think that whatever food being discussed is actually much better in their home town… then yes, I see what you mean.

      I hear it all the time, bagels, pizza, coffee, cheesesteaks, hot dogs, now BURGERS? Please. I’ve had what people say are the “best” of these items in the respective cities – and honestly, they were nothing special. Its just an emotional attachment that locals have to something that they are accustomed to. Unfortunately, DC is just full of a bunch of transplants that wish they could be somewhere else.

  • OMG! The cows! The Cows! Isn’t anyone thinking of the poor cows.

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