Do People Actually Regularly Vandalize Railings?

I thought the following report last weekend from the MPD 1D listserv was a bit bizarre:

“We woke up this morning here in the 300 block of 11th St NE to find our front railing had been vandalized.
Someone needed a crowbar to bend the curl on this very strong wrought iron all out of place. (Photos attached.)
Please be on the look-out for this kind of anti-social behavior. Unlikely the perp was satisfied with just one “hit.”

Has anyone else heard of this type of vandalism before? Seems so bizarre and a lot of effort…

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  • Bend it back. Why bother the police on something this stupid.

    Oh yeah, this reminds me, I need to call about the gum dropped infront of my house.

  • thats what you get for inviting magneto to a dinner party

  • Seems too odd to me, vandalism wouldn’t be my first guess. I’d say it was more likely accidental. Who would even think to vandalize a railing in this manner, and actually put in the effort to do something so minor? Maybe that’s the genius of it!

  • It may have not been vandalism but an attempt to steal your railing to sell for scrap metal. It’s not that hard to go around in the middle of the night pulling on ironworks to see what is and is not firmly cemented to the earth.

  • Hey not to hijack this thread but does anyone know where to buy nice fence/railing like this? Home Depot only has really crappy aluminum stuff. Has anyone ever bought the wrought iron versions?

    • I hear you can get some good stuff in the 300 block of 11th St NE or you could ask Vincent Gray for the fencing the city told him he had to remove.

    • There are several custom iron works right here in DC, and the price is not outrageous at all. We used Northeast Iron Works for our railings and decorative security bars/doors. They are off of Bladensburg and did fantastic work for way less than I thought we’d pay.

      • thanks a bunch. i have like 16 square feet of frontage so I hope it won’t be that bad!

        • there are kits too that you can assemble. you may hav to get someone to cut some pieces here and there, maybe a quick weld, but there are inexpensive ways to go.

  • They want the metal to sell for big bucks. They’re just trying the strength to see how hard it will be to cut it off and will probably come back at a later date. Beware.

  • Looks like someone tied their large dog to it, and the dog tried to get free.

  • The empty house on 10th and M which had a lot of work done to it including gutters and downspouts had all of their copper downspouts ripped off the building just recently. Scrap metal and especially copper is worth money.

    • no idea why anyone (in the city, at least) would bother with downspouts that someone would want to steal. 6″ vinyl gutters will last a lifetime.

  • Nice post, PoP. Even better comments. If anyone really wonders if this shit goes down here, I can I’ve them a short course in reality. Maybe someday some of them will own a house and this kind of crap won’t be so funny then.

  • Looks like a Wet Bandits job..

  • POP – is it just me or isn’t all vandalism bizzare?

  • This is crazy, there’s very little resale value for scrap iron. Copper, yes, but iron is only worth a few cents per pound as scrap. Stealing permanently installed railings from houses makes very little sense.

    Apart from the “who gives a crap” factor here, it was probably done by a shiftless kid with a bike lock because he was bored. I would be more concerned about littering, personally.

  • Just get a damn crowbar, bend it back, and be done with it. It’s ridiculous to waste MPD’s time on something so petty. Oh no! Maybe there’s a serial fence bender on the loose!

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