Chick-fil-A Coming to “Urban” DC

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Twitter is a buzz with word that Chick-fil-A is planning Urban restaurants from Atlanta Journal Constitution:

The College Park-based chain’s 1,500th store, opening Thursday, is about two blocks from the Coliseum in downtown Los Angeles, adjacent to the University of Southern California. Urban stores also are planned for Chicago and Washington, D.C. The company has fewer than two dozen “in-line” stores — part of an urban block as opposed to stand-alone stores or food courts.

“It’s going to be growing in importance,” said Steve Robinson, Chick-fil-A’s senior vice president of marketing. “It’s still a learning frontier for us. We need to learn. The markets that we want to grow in, whether Chicago or D.C. or Southern California, we need to know how to do this.”

I remember Chick-fil-A came up a few times when we discussed what chains were missing from DC.

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  • Finally. Wholesome southern baptist fried chicken sandwiches to contend the dryness and blandness of Julias Empanadas.

  • I can’t wait! Chick-Fil-A is excellent, especially the breakfast menu.

  • That’s nice, but I won’t eat there as they fund a number of right wing causes and organizations such as Focus on the Family.

  • Uh-oh. This can not be good news for my thighs…

  • if they are going to come to urban DC, they better figure out real quick that THE college park is in maryland, not dumb ass georgia.

    • +1

      Also they need to open on Sunday and quit being so right wing or just sell their recipes for chicken sandwiches and waffle fries to someone who will serve them 7 days a week.

      • saf

        Why? I know, you want them to.

        Look, if you (generic) expect respect for your beliefs, you have to respect others’ beliefs. They believe that working on Sunday is wrong. So, they don’t force anyone to work on Sunday. They believe that they should give their money to certain causes, and so they do.

        You have the choice, patronize them or not. You do not have the option of telling them to change. They are not a public agency and as such, are not required to be religion-neutral.

  • I think I just peed a little. 🙂

  • wow I can’t believe liberal city dwellers would be stupid enough to support this place. You truly are a bunch of ignorant dopes.

    • Why don’t you tell us everything you do and do not support, so we can analyze your liberalness.

    • dc is liberal?

      • Only in theory. We vote liberal, live republican from everything I’ve seen. To even suggest that we live our lives more inline with our supposed world view draws a lot of scorn. Everyone wants change but nobody wants to get out of their SUV and walk to work. etc. etc. There are countless well to do, self described liberals that could be installing solor panels on their homes. But why bother when you can pop an Obama-Biden bumper sticker on your Land Rover and call it a day.

        • in what way do we vote liberal?

        • Or, we could be real working adults and not bright eyed, naive 20 year olds who’s vast life experience goes no further than “graduating from college” and “obtaining a poorly paying job”.

        • I’m pretty liberal and I drive a Land Rover. Explain to me why I’m not liberal? Because I have a high consumption of gasoline? I didnt get the memo that all liberals put the exact same emphasis on all values.

          I love when liberals are so closed minded to folks who disagree.

          • By buying a foreign-made vehicle you have chosen not to support American labor. That’s pretty non-liberal if you ask me.

          • “I didnt get the memo that all liberals put the exact same emphasis on all values. I love when liberals are so closed minded to folks who disagree.”

            You have hit the nail on the freakin head, my friend. I have never agreed more with a comment on PoP.

            I kind of get the impression that DC is very socially liberal and fiscally conservative – I’m starting to veer in that direction myself as I’m no longer a poor college student fighting “the man” (now I just work for “the man”).

          • Will somebody please tell me what my politics are supposed to be so we can stop this bitching? I dunno about any of you with these land-rovers or solar panels or whatever but I’d just as soon firebomb both sides and make a curry paste from the ashes. Body of liberals, blood of conservatives. Two tastes that taste great together. Let’s eat!

  • Cute. Bask in your ignorance as 20 percent of the proceeds you give them goes to either a scum bags campaign war chest or to some gay bashing church. Not to speak of the quality of that hormone injected, sickly chicken you are putting in your body. I love how people in DC think they can just vote for Obama and pat themselves on the back. Yet you are just as ignorant as the joe six packs you claim to hate as you watch Bill Mahar on your DVR.

    • anon needs to chill out and EAT MOR CHIKIN

    • Your cell phone subsidizes precision guided bombs. Your internet connection was developed by and supports the military. Your clothes are made in a 3rd world country.
      If you work for an non-profit, your lack of tax dollars harms the social service fabric of DC.

      Not that I’m a chick fi a fan, but you ought to get to know people before you insult them right off the bat.

  • I was told they marinate their chicken in pickle juice.

  • Great. More fast food to make our kids even more obese.

  • FYI- You can already get Chickfila in the GWU food court at 800 21st Street Northwest.

  • If it’s the same one, it’s going in at Crystal City so not really “urban DC”

  • This comment thread wasn’t at all predictable!

  • Wow, within 3 posts this turned into a discussion about politics. Unbelievable.
    It’s a chicken sandwich. Sheesh.

  • DCUSA would be perfect for a Chick-Fil-A. So long as we are going to be inundated with chains in that complex (and I’m still mad we are getting an IHOP rather than an OPH, dang it), might as well get a top-notch one.

  • Mmmmm….pickle juice

  • Downtown Sliver Spring already has one. So, if you’re that in love and in need, its just a metro trip north…

  • Of course, much of the same could be said for Target:

    Not defending Chik Fil A, but they’re not alone here.

  • I like my checken fried smoked and battered on Sundays. I will continue to shop ad El Pollo Sanchez on 14th NW. And I will visit Crown’s brakery on GA Av.

  • anon. gardener

    i don’t think they marinate in pickle juice. i hate pickles, and i love me some chick fil a. mcdonald’s lame “southern fried” chicken sandwich totally tasted like pickles – bleck – a failed attempt to usurp some of the chick fil a market.

    every sunday afternoon, when the chick fil a craving hits, i say “d’oh!! damn christians!!” pisses me off, but i still eat it. they have a habit of locating themselves in weird, inconvenient places, so i fully expect them to open at NY Ave and Bladensburg Rd.

  • Wholesome (as the first post by Jason describes)

    In one word that well describes the carefully prepared food at Chck-fil-A.

  • There’s a Chick-fil-A on GW’s campus.

  • Ooh! – Now there’s a Modest Proposal. . . !

    • Which was supposed to be a reply to Stubsdc. 4:46 (They also support a number of orphanages for disadvantaged and abandoned children.)

      . . .and is totally out of context otherwise. . .

  • There’s on on GW’s campus.

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