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  • It’s a common sight because we’ve become so friggin paranoid. We don’t need to cordon off the netire world because someone lost a backpack. Even in places that get lots of bombs, like Israel for example, they send in a little robot to blow up the package and get on with their lives. Takes 10 minutes. Also, terrorists can be surprisingly stupid and incompetent. We need to stop fearing them.

  • In places like Israel, people are far more alert and concerned about the possibility of terrorism than they are here. And even if some terrorists may be stupid and incompetent, but that’s no excuse for us to follow suit. We live in DC – arguably the biggest terrorist target in America. Even with that said, I don’t feel like my life has been impacted very many times by bomb scares or the like. I’m glad that people are being vigilant and that the possiblity of terrorism is being taken seriously. That’s not to say I’m living my life in fear – I’m just not living it in denial either.

  • i need to stop wearing tight pants.

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