New French Tavern and Lounge including Cabaret Coming to Downtown

Sax Restaurant & Lounge will be located at 730 11 Street, NW in the old POSH Lounge space. It’s alcohol application says:

“New tavern and lounge to serve petit, modern French cuisine and include cabaret type
live performances by uniquely talented artists, from classical ballet to Latin or Adagio.
Seating capacity is 328. Total occupancy load is 328.”

Sounds interesting, yeah? I actually wasn’t familiar with Posh – were there any fans?

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  • Posh was cool. I wonder what “petit” food is. Is that just a way of saying you will pay the same but get very little?

    • Because “small plates” is passé (and “tapas” is très passé, suburban strip mall fare), I think they’re trying to sneak in a new term.

  • That location is like the bermuda triangle for restaurants. Has anything lasted there more than 2 or 3 years.

  • Nothing can last there, dark space with no windows. It really is the bermuda triangle for restaurants

    First was some type of salsa club, then a jazz place, then Posh, now this.

  • Sounds interesting. I wonder what Adagio is “from classical ballet to Latin or Adagio.” Is that classical quartets playing Adagios?

  • Weird large and interesting inside space inside there. During the Posh incarnation it was half club, half restaurant, half bar. Attracted the Diddy-Wannabe crowd and the food was just so-so.

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