Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Navy Yard

This rental is located at 70 I St., SE:
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The Craigslist ad says:

“This apartment home is great for roommates, but can also work if you need an office space.

Live at the desirable downtown DC apartments of Jefferson at Capitol Yards for immediate access to the city’s best. Just a stone’s throw from the National’s Stadium, in the heart of the capital’s growing Southeast corridor, this luxurious downtown Washington DC apartment building puts you at the nexus of District culture and commerce. This Southeast DC apartment building marks a new tier of luxury living in the heart of the nation’s capitol. Make your home in Capitol Hill apartments in sophistication and downtown luxury”

I’m curious what folks of these new buildings at Navy Yard. The rendering (above) looks pretty sweet. Does $1967 for a 1br plus Den?

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  • In review of a lot of the recent “Rental Options” it seems like 2k is the going rate for any 1 br/den or 2br property in just about any area of the city. Obviously, quality can vary; you get a brand new place over at the Navy Yards or an older English basement in Dupont for that rate.

    Is the rental market that strong right now in the city?

  • Nope, unless it comes with a couple parking spots, and all utilities, it’s too much. Except for the 81 days when there are baseball games being played, there is almost nothing at all to do down there, and few neighborhood amenities. That area’s going to take off like Chinatown eventually, but I think it’ll be a while.

  • Very nice unit, but a terrible building. The management company is focused solely on signing leases. As such, they are rude, dismissive, even hostile to current tenants. Additionally, the building has a pretty frat house-like vibe to it. Fights break out on the roof and in the courtyard, the common areas are strewn with empties and butts, and people often just let their dogs relive themselves in the hallway. I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the drift.

  • Hey, look! The place was staged by Gary and Elaine from Catalog Living:

    “Elaine was not amused by Gary’s passive-aggressive response to her request that he prepare ‘something healthy’ for dessert.”

  • $1967 for a one bedroom? Who are they f’n kidding?

    A GS-12 makes $74K, or $1600 every two weeks. This is a gov’t town landlords and developers. Check your rents.

  • Something about that photo disturbed me then EdTheRed explained it.

    I am not sure there is enough down there to warrant that price.

  • That’s high! Three years ago I was renting an entire rowhouse in that area, for $367 less. Not including all the amenities and utilities, but still.

    More recently, I’ve seen buildings advertising 1-bedrooms for under $1000. That area is still very much in transition and I don’t see there being a huge market for luxury apartments yet.

    • Please show me a 1 Br down there renting for under $1000.

      I don’t know what the extra den is worth, but I lease a
      relativley large 1 BR in the Axiom next door for 1580, and that includes a free parking spot and my pet fee. I like the neighborhood, but it’s defintley much more quiet than Columbia Heights or
      even Petworth. There aren’t many amenities in the immediate area, but they’re coming slowly but surely. however it’s only about 15-20 minutes
      to either Penn Ave or Barracks Row, and the building is a 5 min walk to the green line and a 10 min walk to te
      orange line.

      That being said, unless you love to party, look at the Axiom instea of the Jefferson. For whatever reason that building is
      much more wild and has secuirty on the weekends on the rooftop deck to keep order.

      • I’m specifically thinking of a banner I saw on a newish building on M Street, I think near 5th St. SE. $900/month.

        • PS – Not sure if that was sarcasm or not, but if you’re desperate to rent there I can find out the name of the building.

          • The building you’re thinking of is subsidized, it has max income limits. There’s nothing remotely close to there for sub $1000 unless you look at the other side of S Capitol St around 2nd and O SW.

            And frankly, if you want to live there, you’re either alot braver or Alot dumber than me.

          • Kind of surprised the white professionals I see going in and out of there would need subsidized housing.

          • To Caroline:


            Perhaps youre thinking of the office building next block down at 300 M?

  • It’s Neutron Bomb Town down there – the buildings are all new and shiny, but there are no people. The new stadium area residential development all came online just as the real estate bubble was bursting. So first the developers were stuck with condos they couldn’t sell at bubble prices, and now they’re falling back to trying to rent them at bubble prices. Eventually they’re going to have to acknowlegdge reality and either rent or sell at market prices, but they don’t seem to be there yet.

    • Have you been down there lately? Pretty much all the buildings down there are at or above 100% leased. Not a ghost town at all. It’s actually a nice neighborhood. It’s just the Jefferson that is gross.

  • I looked in this area when I was moving back in September, so I’m not sure how much has changed since then, but I decided not to rent there because there just isn’t anything there yet. If I was buying and planning on staying for some time, I would definitely consider buying in this area. There just aren’t enough amenities there for me to consider paying the high rents they’re asking for.

  • Roomates who don’t find flipping for who gets the bedroom with no egress during a fire?

  • lol at this blog

    sounds like a great place to live.

    • Hahahaha. As a resident of the Axiom next door, this
      made laugh. They certainly party harder over there, but I’m not sure if that person has ever had to share common space before.

      Our building is great, people share space reasonably well, and except for a fee busybodies, everyone minds their own business.

  • White trash moving back into the city is a sign that gentrification is now complete in DC.

  • That blog is ridiculous — clearly written by management. While there are definitely A LOT of partiers/issues with some of the tenants’ behavior in the building, there are also a lot of issues with the management:

    We pay $200/month for parking but people will let friends sneak their cars in behind them and will just park anywhere (including – blocking random people into their spaces). When you complain to the management’s “courtesy officer” about that – they tell you they can’t do anything. The concierges spend most of their time flirting with tenants or walking to the McDonalds. For someone who gets paid to sit at a desk, they certainly don’t stay there a lot. The rental office shuts down at 6 for a reason – they don’t want to be available to talk to any tenants. They don’t return phonecalls and you essentially have to stalk them to get a response. Plus they don’t bother to fill anyone else in the office in so – if the person you’d been dealind with is out – you have to wait until they come back. The cleaning crew spends a lot of time on the front doors and front elevators but ignores any of the back ones. I don’t even know if the pool gets cleaned once a week.
    The game room’s celing leaks water whenever it rains (the roof drain pipes go right above it – apparently those weren’t large enough…) The movie room has been shut down for months due to “projector” issues which still haven’t been resolved. The building’s cable was not wired properly in the building (comcast had to come out 4 times and eventually just run brand new wire for the unit).

    Oh and what that model unit picture doesn’t show you — that particular unit is triangle shaped with only two 3′ wide windows (1 in the bedroom, 1 in the living room) for the whole place. It’s incredibly dark and cave like. As an added bonus, the windows only open 5″ so you’re forced to use AC to get any sort of ventilation.

    As someone who rented an apartment in that building, we are already counting down the 100+ days until our lease is up (oh yeah – it’s a $7,000+ break-lease fee if you ever did need to move out before the end of your lease, job relocation, heatlh issue, etc). The building could be nice if they had better clientele (which means higher rents) but it definitely isn’t even worth the rental price tag now.

    The whole building is a pig with lipstick on it and the management company is not much better.

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