Judging Pop Ups – Sherman Ave

I’ve been watching this pop up from the 3000 block of Sherman Ave, NW go up for many many months. Looks like it’s finally finished. So…thumbs up or down. Does seem that they got a roof deck too:

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  • thumbs down…doesn’t flow with the block at all and the addition up top just makes it look cheap compared to the rich brick and molding that surrounds the structure.

  • Thumbs down.

    Aluminum siding is not conducive in a row of attached brick rowhouses.

    Uniformity is broken here.

  • None of that house looks especially good.
    Also, where is the bang for the buck for that pop up?
    I am judging only the picture, but it looks like a deck in the rear portion of the addition, leaving only a small or smallish room in the front. It must have cost a bundle to have added so little under roof square footage.
    I don’t get it.

    • Rental unit;

      (see the two electric meters).

    • i dont know about bang for the buck, but i would LOVE to put an additional room and deck on my roof. even if both are smallish, it would still be great.

  • Pretty bad.

    But what strikes me as bad is along with the meh to ugly pop up are the horrible windows (or storm windows). It makes that place look institutional.

  • probably could have found a less obvious spot for the grey meter box, uh?

  • i have to look at this house everyday while waiting for the bus. it is awful. come on, restore the decorative wood on the front of the house. the pop up is just terrible. vinyl sliding was put on this earth by the devil.

    • +1

      Vinyl siding is despicable, vile, and loathsome.

      It does not belong in the city at all, much less our nation’s capital.

      I concur that the devil has something to with this evil, demonic, hellish, wretched building material favored by uncivilized heathen.

  • This thing’s been rotting un clad in the weather for about a year. I wouldn’t be surprised if it collapses sometime soon. So much for DCRA doing its job.

    • Exposed plywood for a year is definitely a construction code violation. Unfortunately, any buyer’s inspector will probably never see the rot.

  • that makes me want to vomit

  • While this is an awful popup, Sherman Avenue is so fugly anyway that I don’t even care.

  • Thumbs down. Really unattractive.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I should probably hate it more, but I don’t. It’s not great, but it’s not the worst I’ve seen.

    It’s a shame the whole house doesn’t look more like it’s neighbors, but then variety is the spice of life, or something.

  • I think the lack of a porch, plus the bare bones stairs make this an ugly house more so than the vinyl siding.

    On a side note, I can’t wait until I have enough money to invest in getting a roof deck done right!

  • You can see the construction timeline for Sherman Avenue here (it’s been separated out from the design timeline). I am surprised it is going to take that long; complete in 2013??? Wow … supposedly, construction is set to being in October:


  • And by the way, I think the Sherman Ave. streetscape design will make a DRAMATIC difference in the overall feel of the street. Yes, a lot of buildings are still vacant and/or in rough shape (although each year there are gradual improvements in that regard), but a big part of the problem is that Sherman Ave. feels and operates like a highway, with barely passable sidewalks, rather than a residential, pedestrian-friendly street. It is going to be a FAR greener, quieter, pedestrian-friendly, and overall more pleasant thoroughfare in two years …

  • the popup just goes further on their theme of shamelessly cheap and trashy.

  • It can’t be legal to have a stoop that high up without any sort of railing.

  • Double Thumbs Down.

  • Plate glass windows + pop up = double ugly

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