Garden of the Day

I like how the rocks are spilling down like a river. Also note that they change from white to gray.  And finally I’ve become a big fan of moss in gardens this season.  I’ve seen lots of good uses.  This one’s from Columbia Heights.

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  • That’s my old neighbors garden! They did it all themselves. No landscapers necessary.

  • I heard that if you put white rocks in your yard, you are swingers. Wonder what grey and white mean?

  • Hard work.

  • Beautiful – great idea. I’ve been wondering how to relandscape my sloping yard. I love the japanese dry-stream concept.
    It needs a very special rock at the top of the “waterfall”” with a vertical split or a water polished groove down the middle so it can achieve that SF Japanese Tea Garden zen.

  • That’s not moss.

    It’s some sort of groundcover, althought, I can’t get a good look at the detail to say exactly what it is.

    Pretty, and looks very drought tolerant!!

  • M,
    Looks like a few varieties of Sedum to me. Especially on the lower right.

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