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  • Thanks for this photo of our garden! We hope each year when we put it in that passersby will enjoy and appreciate the beauty that we relish all summer, even in scorching weather when plants are crying for water.

    Container gardening is easy, and can be relatively inexpensive. We’d be happy to discuss choice of plants, colors, containers, and other simple pieces of patio gardening with any of our neighbors.


  • Nice variety of green shades and well hidden plant holders. Jolly good garden i say!

  • This is a perfect example of how a dozen potted planted configured around a concrete surfaced frontage can transform the whole Spring Summer look to this home with relatively little effort and expense.

    Just keep watering, especially in this weather like every day.

    Every morning; water your garden plants in the early morning not at night !

  • Such a garden is all the more appreciated when people know that it befits entirely the people who planted it.

  • Maybe Joe and Cherie should give lessons on beautiful gardens

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