Another Food Truck Coming To DC

Photo above of Sauca Food truck

According to their twitter page @CapMac describes itself as:

“Introducing The District’s newest food truck specializing in the best fresh pasta dishes in The Nation’s Capitol”

Do you like the idea of a fresh pasta dishes truck?

I’m still waiting for the Lobster Roll truck.

Do you have a current favorite food truck? What food truck would you like to see next? I’ve heard folks pining for a melted cheese truck…

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  • i grew up in philly where food trucks are king. another misc food truck in dc is old hat, tiresome news, immaterial. wake up dc! food trucks are not novelty. u, dc, are a novelty in the food truck universe.

  • dl, please, philly is a “nobody” city. thats why you’re here. thx

  • All food trucks are a welcome addition to DC. Good or bad, we want you!

    That said, I hope this particular outfit serves the whole capital, and not just the capitol.

    I don’t have a favorite food truck, but I do have a favorite food stand: John Ryder’s burrito cart at 17th and K. Get there by 11:45 a.m. or you’ll be standing in line for 30 minutes or more. Big and tasty vegetarian burritos!

    • What IS the reek surrounding that cart, though? I walk past it a few times a day, and have to hold my breath. It’s not food… maybe the propane or something? Anyway, it’s gross, and makes me very unlikely to want to try the food.

  • Very much looking forward to the poutine from EatWonky – though it’s probably a good thing that my consumption of poutine is currently limited to our yearly trips to Canada. That stuff’s delicious but it’ll kill you before too long.

    dl, I agree to some extent. I went to Rutgers and they’ve had the grease trucks for decades. A Fat Cat beats a jumbo slice any day for late night, drunken nourishment.

  • I want a ramen truck!

  • Yeah, I can’t wait for the Poutine truck that was written up in the Food section yesterday.

    • Interesting, yes…but I’m not sure DC is ready for fries with gravy and cheese curds. Maybe 1% of the people here have ever heard of poutine?

      • so your argument is that something should not be introduced to dc because not enough people know what that thing is?

        • Not saying it shouldn’t come here, but the appeal is lost on me. Upon finding out what poutine is I’m not sure people will be jumping in to try it. Greasy food from a truck doesn’t appeal that much – in 15yrs in DC I’ve had a half smoke exactly once. I just read the poutine truck will also sell hot dogs. Yay. Not.

      • YUCK! Not ready for that unless they intend to make rounds on U St past 3AM.

      • If it’s anything like the poutine I had in Montreal, they’ll learn to love it all too quickly! Mmmm.

      • I agree. It might be tasty, but if it were destined to become anything more than a novelty outside Quebec, it would’ve already caught on here.

      • Yeah, it’ll tank. Fries, gravy and cheese curds? Gross. Not enough Canadians here.

    • Not quite 100% right, but the do have it at the Tastee Diners in Bethesda and Silver Spring. Not sure of the others though. mmmmm….tastee diner

  • There’s a group of Korean bbq trucks in LA. We could use some of that here too.

  • Curbside Cupcakes! Pink van! Check them out Facebook for their schedules and menus…

  • My favorite local food blogger – Mary Kong – recently got the scoop on the new lobster truck –

    Per her recent conversation with the owners, “the truck is being beautified and picked up in Texas, and should hit the streets by the first or second week of August.”

    I say the more food trucks the merrier! And let’s spread the truck sites around the city, please.

  • Sounds vile. Cream sauces containing dairy and seafood being hit with direct sunlight for hours on end and then sloppily glopped onto a paper plate rife with bacteria. I’ll pass. Graciously. Not big on projectile vomit.

    • You are aware that mobile refrigeration has been widely used technology for at least a few generations by now, right? Or do you think those nostalgic ice cream trucks from the 50’s had to make quick 5 minute jaunts from their freezer depot in order to survive during the summer? Modern food trucks are perfectly safe. Now, the dirty and loosely regulated dirty water hot dog carts that have thus far had a monopoly on the DC streets, I’d rather not take my chances there.

  • I think the Food Network is having a competition to win an amazing truck (I mean, like, commercial Viking stove), and I understand that DCRA currently has a survey on its website about what residents want in street food vendors. If I recall correctly, if you go to the FN website, just add slash foodtruck.

  • Sweet Green’s frozen yogurt is so delicious. It’s tart yogurt because they use live active cultures. $2 for the cone size which you cannot beat. I have yet to catch the Sauca truck.

  • Here in Southwest Federal Ghetto, with huge numbers of workers needing lunch but largely dismal dining choices, more food trucks are always welcome. I have had excellent experiences with Sauca when they stop here — tasty sandwiches and an efficient operation. My one cubano sandwich from the El Floridano truck was authentic and a very good value, but the truck operator seemed overwhelmed — he was taking orders, making change, and preparing fairly labor-intensive sandwiches. Fojol Bros. has attracted such large crowds in SW — 24 in line yesterday — it is has not been practical for me to patronize.

  • A lobster roll truck can def be done safely…but I’d want to saunter around it a few times just to check the food handling. Wonder what they’ll charge, as I make them every summer to great expense. I can be fairly certain they won’t make their own mayo, which I do.

  • Oh, and more people know what poutine is than one might realize.

  • Poutine? isn’t that Canadian for prostitute?

  • I’ve only tried Fojol Brothers. They other ones are outside (or across the street from) my building a couple of days a week, but the lines are always really long. I’ll have to try them later in the lunch hour one of these days.

  • The cupcakes were great but I feel like it was kind of a one time deal, like, oh, that was interesting, but who wants cupcakes every day?
    The Sauca truck takes FOREVER to get their orders taken and ready. It’s too hot to stand and wait for them get it right.

  • One of my favorites in Philly (I had several favorites) was the falafel truck. I bet that would do well here.

    Oh, and SG… Philly is not a “nobody” town. If YOU felt like a nobody there, well… it wasn’t the town’s fault.

  • Talked to a society friend who said the financier behind the lobster roll truck is Connie Chung.

  • here’s an up to date twitter list of ALL DC Food Trucks so you can follow them all one place:

    enjoy and good eats!

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