Win 2 VIP Tickets to 2nd Annual Ebbit Grill Block Party June 19

Photo of 1st annual ebbit grill block party by flickr user A river runs through

The 2nd annual Ebbit Grill Block Party is June 19th this year. The organizers have been kind enough to give away 2 VIP Tickets to a PoP reader. So to win this contest I ask that you share the best festival you’ve ever attended and if you haven’t attended any good ones then share the best meal you’ve ever had. I’ll select the winner Monday night.

For those who don’t win you can get $10 off regular tickets if you use the following code:

“The promo code will be POPBLOCK2010 and will be good for $10 off each ticket purchase through the website through 6/16/10.”

Here’s a bit more info about the event from an email:

“It’s summer in the city and the sun’s out so it’s time to shut down G street and turn up the music. Join us as we push DC summertime into full swing! The 2nd Annual Ebbitt Block Party has quickly established itself as DC’s premiere street festival and tastiest cookout. We will be parking ourselves on the 1400 block of G street, paving the way for hours of non stop musical performances and sparking up the grills for signature Old Ebbitt Grill food and drink! Write the date down and sunscreen up, we can’t wait to see you there!

We are joined again this summer by our charitable partner, the DC Central Kitchen who will again be collecting canned or commercially packaged nuts and raisins, as well as can openers. Bring something to contribute and receive a free raffle ticket for each item!

The winner will receive 2 VIP tickets which include:

GA Block Party Ticket Includes …

* Entrance to the Premiere Cookout and Street Festival brought to you by the Old Ebbitt Grill
* 7 hours of live music
* 10 Performances by 6 bands on 3 stages
* Food and Drink tickets available for purchase at the Block Party please see Food + Drink sections on the website for more information

VIP Block Party Experience Includes All of the Above Plus…

* Unlimited food and drinks within the VIP Experience Lounge
* Designated VIP Will-Call line entrance
* Exclusive main stage viewing and reserved standing room
* Access to limited seating provided in the VIP Experience Lounge

With 3 stages, 6 bands, and 7 hours of music, the block is gonna rock! We’ll have 2 Street Stages as well as a Main stage. You’ll get a taste of Rock, Blues, Funk, Folk and more.”

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  • i am so bad at remembering things like this, but i’m going to go with best meal was a date i had at babbo a couple years back. started with the love letters and then had a steak.

  • I went to my first coachella this year, and it was absolutely incredible (despite the lines on day 1). Fantastic bands, really good food for a festival of that size, and rocking out in nice weather with really good friends. You can’t really beat the experience.

  • ’94 HFS-tival at RFK, just graduated college, attended with all my best girlfriends back when we had absolutely no cares, no responsibilities, no real jobs yet – completely care free…to this day when I hear James, Counting Crows & Cracker, I remember that day.

  • the best concert i’ve attended was Chicago & Earth/Wind & Fire last summer! Even though it was a down pour and muddy…the music was amazing

  • Best meal ever: lobster/seafood feast right on the water in Maine!

  • Recently… Lady Gaga in Radio City Music Hall earlier this year. Girl can put on a SHOW!

    Meal: Komi or Citronelle, hands down!

  • Summerfest in Milwaukee is the best festival I’ve ever been to. For $7 you can see plenty of big name acts on several stages. I’ve seen everyone from Reel Big Fish (it was the 90’s), Heart, Violent Femmes, the Temptations, the Eagles, Dave Matthews, Tori Amos, Wilco (! for seven dollars!!! 3rd row!), Ben Folds Five, Dixie Chicks, Indigo Girls, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies (again, it was the late 90’s), I even saw Keanu Reeve’s Dogstar (a band that I would have never paid to see, but Summerfest delivered.) Not to mention that there is always plenty of beer and brats, epic people watching and fireworks. The festival goes on all week long, definately worth a trip to the land of the big water.

    • YEAH summerfest is excellent! all milwaukee festivals are better than most, but my favorite festival experience was PBRfest on 4th of July. a free festival in milwaukee’s bayview neighborhood, stephen malkmus played and there were $1 pbrs. hard to beat.

  • Best meal: Bouchon in Napa Valley. They got everything right from the seafood to the steak to the bottle of champagne. Delicious!

  • 2006 dave matthews band @ saratoga performing arts center (ny) .. torrential downpour the entire show, mudslide down the lawn, dancing in the rain, lost my flip flops and drove back to dc barefoot and covered in mud (the next morning of course) .. uh-mazing!

  • Two Festivals come to mind, but as I have to give tribute to my hometown, I have to choose the Chicago Taste. In only the Chi can you take a short jaunt across Lake Shore Drive and experience all kinds of delicious food including the staple Chicago Dog with neon green relish. You want it, its there – turkey legs, deep fried twinkies or snickers, indian, italian beef (oh Italian Beef!), and so much more. Every year I would endure the heat of Chicago summer and the bustling of so many hot and sweaty bodies to be downtown near the Lake enjoying all this glorious food. (and being a short gal, the hot, sweaty, and usually stinky bodies is definitely something to endure!) And, if food wasn’t enough, there’s all kinds of varieties of live music and concerts – Jazz, Blues, Rock. All in all, the feeling of being downtown Chicago, nestled in Grant Park surrounded by all facets of pleasure and fun, was always one of my favorite summer experiences to look forward too.

  • Bonnaroo last year: The whole festival was great–so many great bands, mud, rain, humidity, camping. But the highlight for me was one of the Phish sets–Bruce Springsteen joins them to play some of his songs. A perfect combination of my Phishhead college days and my working class politics.

  • My local radio station growing up in St. Louis was “The Point”, and they had Pointfest every year. One year, Red Hot Chili Peppers was headlining, and Hole played right before them. Courtney Love is clearly crazy, but she puts on a hell of a show. She had security freaking out because she told everyone out on the lawn to come up and storm the stage, then told the security guards to F-off when they tried to stop it. Their entire set went on like this…I felt bad for the Red Hot Chili Peppers though, having to follow them (not to mention, they only got about 20 minutes to play because Hole went over and festival needed to end on time since it was an all ages show, running right up against St. Louis’s legal curfew).

  • RAGBRAI, a cycling event in Iowa, is like a rolling festival through tiny towns across the state. My favorite meal was homemade pie in a town square with MASH decorations celebrating the birthplace of Radar O’Reilly.

  • The Cajun Food and Fun Festival in Welsh, Louisiana! In South Louisiana, every little town has a weekend festival, but the one in my grandmother (Maw Maw)’s town was the Cajun Food and Fun Festival, held each April. There were excellent rides like the Gravitron. There was ample food and drink (this is Louisiana, after all). And there was a cajun music band on the stage all weekend long. I went every year growing up.

  • My first year out of college I moved to Thailand for a year. During the hottest part of the year there, April, there is a week long festival called Songkran. It is the water festival where everyone throws water on everyone else, really helps with cooling off! There are random water fights in the middle of the street and everyone is in great spirits. I still remember being in northern thailand at the time and riding in the back of a pickup truck (very common there) when the local thais would stand on the side of the road and wait for the tourists to go by so they could soak us.

  • Bonnaroo, in monsoon conditions, watching Buckethead wail as lightning crashed into the trees behind him. A party of men hobbled by thigh rot from long treks through ankle keep mud and porti-potty sludge. Ahh, the memories.

    For the adult in me, you can’t beat French Quarter Fest in New Orleans. 24 oz Mint Julips, $2 coors light, the best local music in the world. Handsdown a 100% better experience than jazzfest. No tickets, all is free and spend your money supporting New Orleans.

    Best meal. My own poblano, chicken, white bean chicken chili with family. Or Redfish Grill’s bbq oysters in the french quarter.

  • Bonnaroo 2003!

  • the best meal to date was valentine’s day at Art & Soul. shrimp, foie gras, lamb, baby carrots, duck, and chocolate cake for dessert. mmmmm. (although i could be biased because of who brought me lol)

  • The Saint Sophia Greek Festival in DC. I love Greek food, especially a good greasy gyro, and Saint Sophia’s was a Greek food lover’s paradise. There were so many stands offering different dishes, from lambs roasting on an open spit to fried calamari to baklava. So yummy!

  • Best festival was the Taste of Buffalo. Great food, cheap prices, friendly people, no cover charge. Huge portions.

  • In Southwest Germany there is a small village called Voerstetten and they have an annual radish festival! I lived in the area and had to check it out. Though the main attraction was the radish sandwiches (a slice of farmer’s bread, smothered with butter, sliced radishes with salt on top) the local white wine being served was the biggest hit! We danced and polka’ed to oompa oompa German music the whole evening. Everyone was in a great mood and the evening was long. Who says a radish festival can’t be fun?!

  • Every year, my hometown (Grand Rapids, MI) has an open-air festival of the arts. There are always five or six stages with a variety of musical acts, about 30 food booths operated by local groups. These booths usually feature some form of meat on a stick, and who doesn’t like meat on a stick. There’s, of course, lots of art on display, with many local artists offering things for sale. There’s tons of other stuff too, like kung fu demonstrations, improv, storytelling, and most important, a giant tire swing! I went every year as a kid, and went back again this year and it hasn’t changed.

  • My favorite festival has always been and always will be my hometown’s annual celebration, Founder’s Day. I’m from the middle of nowhere in Indiana, a town with a population of about 300 people. Yes, three hundred. Every year we have a festival with flea market vendors, bouncy castles, bluegrass music and a parade. There are little pageant queens and the oldest residents being pulled by tractors and real cattle farmers on horseback.

    The best part, though, is the Cobbler’s Bench where all the ladies of the town donate a pie or a cobbler and then it’s sold by the slice to benefit the Community Improvement Association.

    A Founder’s Day meal – Taco in a Bag, Lemon Shake Up and Apple Pie for dessert!

  • Smithfield Ham and Yam festival, in Smithfield NC. Fabulous BBQ, homemade ice cream, fried spiralled potatoes on a stick, what could be better! Oh, and there was a petting zoo with camels.

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