Weekend Shootings in Adams Morgan and Park View

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On Saturday night around 3am MPD wrote:

“MPD is working a shooting in the 2400 block of 17th St NW. Anyone with information pls contact MPD on 202-727-9099 or you can provide information to the anonymous tip line on 1-888-919-CRIME or text to 50411. There are very little details that can be shared at this point. The victim was an adult male who is in critical condition.”

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And on Sunday afternoon around 5pm MPD wrote:

“MPD is investigating a shooting that occurred at Ga Ave and Park Road. One adult male shot noncritical.”

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  • I witnessed about 10 police officers arresting 5 crew members outside Hubbard Place on 14th Sunday afternoon.

    Thanks, Jim Graham, for all the blessings you provided Columbia Heights when you kept that place open. More section 8 housing in Columbia Heights please! The police love the overtime!

  • I can’t speak to the Georgia Ave shooting, obviously both are tragedies, but I wish the shooting on 17th Street was even kind of a surprise. This block has been trouble for years with most people blaming the house on the NW corner of Euclid and 17th for the trouble.

  • It’s starting. The crazy heat=crazy angry people.
    And of course I just have to ask – how’s that gun control working out for you?

  • Gun control is merely a political device in DC to show how leftist one is, it doesn’t actually influence reality. Our actual gun penalties are lighter than surrounding jurisdictions, and in that sense we are fanatically pro-guns (handguns especially). Its like the fact that Takoma is a nuclear free zone, it makes good discussion for elites and the occasional appearance on CNN or NPR, but the dead attest its efficacy.

  • So what’s up with the apartments over there? I’m new to the area and I couldn’t help but notice that the complex looks like a pretty rough place. I drove over to Bank of America across the street from the BP station yesterday right as the ambulance was leaving and the police were putting up crime scene ribbon. Being new to the area (and new to living in an urban setting), it was kind of surreal to me.

  • You mean the Park Morton apartments? Giant housing project slated to be torn down and rebuilt, but for now source of major ongoing crime in the area…not the only problem, but the biggest one. I don’t feel comfortable using that Bank of America because of the people hanging out on the street there (I still go sometimes but only during the day, and am constantly looking around and over my shoulder while waiting for the ATM). Meanwhile, I feel fine walking around on Georgia Ave north of the metro.

  • Ah yes, children with guns and ammo. What a safe place to raise a family. Jeeze.

  • This is why the apartments in that part of Adams Morgan always seem so inexpensive.

  • Didn’t some kid fire a gun into the air near there last week (Parkview Rec) and commenters here called it ‘kids being kids’?

    The difference between kids being kids and murder is only a couple inches difference in aim.

  • Both Park View incidents are also on the Park View blog, there’s a little more information there, but all in all, there isn’t that much out there at this time.

  • Dang, this is so close to where I live. What do I have to do to never get shot?

    • Well, if you just had your own guns, you would be guaranteed to be safe – anytime, anywhere.

      • Considering there’s no concealed carry in D.C., not sure how keeping a revolver unloaded in your house is going to help when you go to the gas station… Also, my guess is that these guys might have been shot in the back…?

  • This Happen rignt on the corner of a Police Sub Station

  • Both of them happened in very close proximity to 3D police stations!!

    Captcha: pickup the

    Pickup the what? What?!?

  • Damn. Was that right in front of the elementary school. I thought the police cleaned up that corner and shut down that house once the elementary school opened back up.

    Where are those Ward 1 council candidates. I’d like to hear what each of them has to say about how they are going to keep the 17th and Euclid St. corner safe now that there is an elementary school there.

  • I had just passed the BP seconds before the shooting and was just far away enough not to see the actual shooting. It seemed like a normal sunday afternoon with no yelling, shouting or other indication that something was going to happen. There was quite a bit of police presence on GA ave already with the festival going on down the street. Plus a cop on a bike just passed the scene and turned around after hearing the gun shots. With this incident and the other at the ParkView rec center, I see police or other authority figure presence not making any difference. Ditto for curfews on a sunday afternoon. and isn’t the b-ball tornament at the rec center supposed to have a stop-the-violence theme? Truly sad.

    • Yeah, it appears that general deterrence won’t work against the folks who did this. It was what, 1,000′ from the cop shop? Trying to think of things that we as a community might do to help the situation, drawing a blank.

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