Update on Adopted Kitten – Doing Well!

“Dear PoP,

Poppy the kitten has settled in quite well with Miss Moneypenny (and looks like she could be named Miss Minipenny). They often play, run around, and groom each other. Since she was rescued at the beginning of the month, she has gained back some weight and is almost done with her shots. Thanks to the readers who helped rescue her, get her to a vet, and help get her to a safe home!”

It’s nice to get good news from time to time!

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  • I hope that feral beast has been tested for feline AIDS.

  • Awww. He looks so happy in the first pic.

  • What a beautiful girl! How lucky for everyone involved.

  • That second shot is to die for.

  • the expression in the first photo makes the kitten look soooooo happy

  • When does the pet/picture contest open?

  • I’ve never met an orange/red cat who wasn’t just a sweet, happy cat… must be genetic!

  • Hey is the big cat a female orange tabby? If so very real animal!

  • Opps I meant very RARE animal. Most organge tabby’s are male.

  • Poppy looks exactly like my Colby did at that age. If the similarities persist, prepare yourself for an 18-pound ultra-efficient fur-producing machine in about 2 years. (I swear, he is a marvel of nature– how does he make and shed fur in quantities greater than his overall food intake??)

    • I thought you were describing my orange tabby for a second. 17lbs and could generate a new cat every day in leftover fur.

      The vet said he’s “big boned”. Ha!

  • My Orange tabby too. WE struggle to keep Oliver around 14 lbs. He is on very restricted diet. In fact he is at my feet as I type claiming I forgot to feed him tonight. Have completly given up on keeping cat fur of my cloths.

  • Penny and Poppy are BOTH female orange tabbies…very rare. Penny is striped and Poppy has swirls, but I don’t anticipate either will be huge. Penny is fully grown at 10 lbs and Poppy is about 2.5 right now. They are super happy together!

  • Best PoP post ever!

  • Kittehs! I love them. So glad they are happy together!

  • My orange tabby is also a fur producing machine. Don’t know how she does it!

  • Not to plug anything too aggressively…but I am hosting and bartending at Meridian Pint, which is making my poor kittens besties and practical orphans during the opening. I will be working the host stand Friday and Saturday this weekend so come in and tell me how much you love my sweet babies (and enjoy food and beer).

    Also, I took Poppy in partly because she had a totally clean bill of health. She and Miss Moneypenny are both crazy little purrbugs who play like two warriors jumping midair in “300.” I’ve already set them aside as mascots of the Pet contest, knowing their videos of playtime would win them the contest anyway.

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