Lupe Soft Opens in old Sesto Senso Spot in Dupont

In early June I mentioned that the old Senso Sesto space, 1214 18th St. NW next to Public Bar and near Eighteenth Street Lounge, was becoming Lupe Mexican Cuisine. Well they have had a soft opening with a limited menu for the World Cup. (After the world cup the menu will certainly expand.)

For those that were familiar with the old Senso Sesto space – does the inside look much different?

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  • Does anyone know if owner Lupe Fuentes is going to be at the grand opening?

  • I know they are rushing to get folks in and get in on some WC watching action, but that has got to be the most unimaginative mini menu of Mexican food cliches in the city! Let’s hope the real thing is a little more exciting.

  • I thought it was called sesto senso not senso sesto…I must be getting old, and forgetful…

  • Lupe? She’s like a machine! (glad to see I’m not the only Stern fan around here!)

  • That is a big improvement on the interior. New fixtures, tile-work, bar, etc. The old Sesto Senso was much darker and towards the end had become a late-night club, of sorts.

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