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Whenever we have spoken about pizza around DC, Vace inevitably comes up in the comments. And rightfully so, in my opinion, the pizza is fantastic. However, I realized we’ve never properly judged the deli for other options – like the sandwiches. I can say that the frozen eggplant parmigiana is one of my all-time favorite meals. Vace is located at 3315 Connecticut Ave, NW (though they also have a Bethesda location). You can see their deli menu here. So besides the pizza what else is good to order?

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  • Solid, but A. Litteri has a much bigger selection and is generally cheaper. Worth throwing some money their way just to make sure the pizza is available, however!

  • Would it kill a DC deli to have Russian dressing as a condiment option? Honestly!

  • My mom basically raised me on their Italian Cold Cut Subs. With hot peppers of course. I also dabble in their meatball subs. They use quality Mozzerella. Spinich pies are great too. I just wish it was closer to me.

  • I had no idea they made subs, but I’ve been a fan of their fresh pastas and sauces for years. The pizza is pretty tasty and cheap, too.

  • I looooove the ravioli and pizza dough and other things you can get at Vace and keep in your freezer.

  • Unquestionably the best pizza value in DC. Like $11 for a large! And it’s delicious. I walk them to Adams Morgan.

  • This is my favorite pizza in DC since AV Ristorante closed. Really like the Italian subs too.

  • This is one of the better Italian subs around, especially for the price. Vace’s is a great place. Still, no one’s Italian sub beats Mangialardo’s on Penn near the Hill. It is hands down the best Italian Sub in the area–always packed with cops and construction workers.

  • The frozen lasagnas are amazing – even according to my husband’s NY Italian family who at first turned their noses up. I just wish there was somewhere to park so I could run in and grab something to go. Maybe they need 10 minute pick-up parking over there!

    • I almost hate to say this, but if you drive around the neighborhood a bit, you’re sure to find a spot within five minutes’ walk.

      • A certain member of my family who shall remain nameless takes her lasagna pan to Vace to be filled then passes it off as her own.

    • ah

      I’m not wild about the lasagna. Too salty and the meat is too crumbly. My wife’s is much better.

      But the frozen pasta is really good, and easy to make for a big step up from a cardboard box (which the pasta is in).

  • i go to the bethesda location all the time since it’s around the corner from work. i can always count on two tasty hot slices of pepperoni for 3.75!

  • Have been a longtime fan of Vace. Agree with previous commenters. Vace spinach lasagna has been a staple in my household for years.

    Vace subs are among the best in the city. But for my money the best subs are from Taylor’s Gourmet.

  • What memories. I used to go in there just to get the mozzarella.

  • vace is truly amazing – great ingredients at great prices. i buy my pizza dough there and can’t avoid picking up a few slices of the imported prosciutto on every trip.

    that said, the lady behind the counter can be downright mean/rude. while i haven’t been on the receiving end personally, i’ve witnessed a few customer service flubs where customers waited for 20+ minutes because their pizza was given to someone else, and were scowled at the whole time for getting impatient.

    i also saw them flatly say “No” to someone who requested no italian dressing on his sub. the guy was really confused, and said “really?” the answer stayed “no.”

    somehow, i find this surliness endearing, and i kind of like that they stick to their principles. they seem to be doing just fine in spite of it…

  • Best in pizza in DC, by far, bar none. Red pepper and onion is where it’s at. I adore this place. If I won the lottery I’d buy their building and let them stay there forever rent free.

    Agreed on the eggplant parm, though I found their lasagna too noodly. Their meat cannelloni is the balls.

    Will throw this out there, though: anyone else think the quality of their anchovies has slipped? Their anchovy pie used to be round heaven, lately not so much.

  • I’m from NYC. To me, this is easily the best pizza I’ve had in DC.

    • When will people learn that “I’m from NYC” is not a qualification to be a pizza expert? Snobs!

  • We have their pizza at the school where I teach every Friday. And now we’ve started getting the spinach pizza, which I think is their best variety! I prefer to go shopping at Litteri’s, though; it’s a really interesting place and has been around forevah.

  • frozen selection and subs are great. i particularly loved getting the pizza dough and their sauce and making it at home with my own toppings. it was also a handy place to pick up spare gaskets for our italian stove-top coffee maker although those parts may be more easily found these days.

  • Yet another place I’d LOVE to see in the Columbia Heights business district … right up there at the top of my wish list with a good sushi place, a traditional bread bakery, a Potato Valley (am I the only one who loves that place?), and a cool record / book store that invites browsing / hanging out. And, of course, the forthcoming Ellwood’s!

  • Vace pizza, of course, puts the red sauce on top of the cheese. That can get messy.

    Give a slice to a toddler, and you may as well plan on burning their clothes and repainting your home.

  • Really really good and interesting pizza at a very cheap price. I’d recommend salami & goat cheese – not the recommended toppings for dominos.

    Also try their fresh pasta – it’s in the refrigerator. Really stands out and you can really tell the difference. Also the frozen eggplant parm is great.

    They’re often quite sassy there, which I find part of the charm, but definitely worth the hike.

  • The prosciutto sub with sharp provolone with every thing on it is vary good
    the pizza is one of the best around tho

  • Also the white pizza with onion is amazing

  • Vace has been there for ages. heartily endorsed by this DC native.

  • Vace is awesome. The ladies will warm up to you if you’re a regular. Where else can I get fresh mozzarella and pizza dough?

  • Hands down the best Italian sub in the city.

    Taylor gourmet, laughable!! hahaha

    Yuppie deli that it terrible.

  • Two great vegetarian options: Every Friday, they make a limited amount of spinach empanadas that are to die for. You can call ahead to reserve one. Also, their sundried tomato & mozzarella on ciabatta is a tasty and satisfying! Ask for extra olive oil!

  • Great Cannolis!

  • This is my favorite place to buy prosciutto.

  • The onion white pizza is the immortal nuts. It is exactly like the pizze I used to get in Florence every day. I would eat it for breakfast every day if I could. So good. Just unimpeachable, perfect and awesome.

    But the staff there kind of suck, no reason to gloss it over. I love how people pass off rudeness as charm when it feeds into a myth of authenticity; I seriously doubt anyone would go back if they got the same treatment from the guy who runs the laundry a couple of doors down. She’s a jerk, no reason to pretend otherwise. I hate the way she and other staff members treat the customers (and I’ve been going there since I was in high school in 1987). Being yelled at for daring to point out they screwed up your order is a lot of things, but charming isn’t one of them. But who am I kidding – the product is so good, I keep going back.

    By the way, I’m pretty sure Wagshal’s will give you russian dressing if you ask. They will also give you awesome brisket and the best turkey stuffing sandwich i’ve ever had.

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