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  • ah

    It has been there at least 8 years, since that’s how long ago I ate there. I haven’t done a comparison with other steakhouses, nor would it be valid after this time. But we had a good steak. Problem was we asked for medium rare, but got rare, because as the waiter explained “medium rare” is what everyone else calls “rare”. Um, thanks for not explaining that non-sensical system in advance. And thanks for bringing the potatoes, which everyone else calls broccoli.

  • PoP – you need to get out more. Been there a LONG time. Run of the mill steak house. Recently remodeled along with that entire building.

  • Went there a few months ago when my father was in town. Definitely an old staple of the steak houses. It’s not as trendy maybe as it used to be, but still a good place for a nice dinner. Atmosphere was nice, not too noisy to talk.

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