Judging Buildings – 251 H St, NW

What do you think of the combination of glass and stone on this building at 251 H St, NW (the advertisement pains me)? Ignoring the ad, overall, thumbs up or down? This is also near the crazy little building we once looked at (that I think, it was decided was a vent of some sort?).

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  • It’s a vent for the 395 tunnel which runs directly below it.

  • Nice architecture and serious security at that site.

    So much security that I asked one of the guards what the building was. Of course, the answer was “I can’t tell you.”

    Turns out the building is AIPAC’s congressional lobbying base-camp (thanks, Google).

    The tall blank stone wall (that they defaced with an ad) is particularly striking. I guess zoning required that wall to be blank, because the adjacent lot might eventually have another high-rise constructed on it.

  • This building looks awesome at night.

  • Love that building. The canopy at the roof top with the circular cutouts is a very distinct trope of the International Style. That, and the massing which is also fairly International Style in proportion and balance of materials, is evocative of Tel Aviv which is famous for its wealth of 1930s International Style architecture. It’s a great building with lots of character beyond the normal shlock.

  • The Nixon Memorial / 395 vent shaft will always be the greatest structure in DC. Forever & ever. Amen.

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