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At first I just thought this was a cool looking gate in Shaw but I was able to chat with the owners who explained all the symbolism to me. The door was crafted by Stephen Warren and he did all the work in his garage. This was his first and possibly last project. The heart in the upper left hand corner is the date of his marriage.

At the bottom of the door you’ll see a tribute to lost family members. Granville Garside was the father of Stephen’s wife who passed away of cancer and Charles H. Warren is Stephen’s brother. Charles Warren was serving in the Army when he was killed in Iraq. A very touching tribute to the family’s loved ones who recently passed.

And at the very bottom of the door is the name of the house, the year it was built and the year it was renovated.

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  • Looks like someone got a little carried away with the Dremel tool.

  • thanks for featuring this – i live by this place and have been curious as to it’s meaning!

  • Thanks for snapping our gate, PoP! Was great to meet you on your travels — and glad we could demystify the gate for a neighbor!

  • This was truly a labor of love for my friend Stephen. And I can vouch for the “labor” part because I had the honor of helping him hang the door.

    The “love” part is evident.

    Good show, Stephen.

  • Simply beautiful!

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