Washington Post says “Killing of prominent D.C. attorney may go unpunished”

The Post writes:

“It is possible that no one will ever be charged with the murder of Washington lawyer Robert Wone.

Federal prosecutors realize that, barring a last-minute confession or the discovery of new evidence, Wone’s Aug. 2, 2006, slaying will probably go unsolved. Prosecutors believe that one or more people restrained Wone, sexually assaulted him and stabbed him to death after he went to sleep on a pullout couch in a second-floor guest room at 1509 Swann St. NW.”

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  • This continues to be one of the most disturbing things I have ever read about 🙁

    • Agreed – wouldn’t be surprised to see it turned into/inspiring a film or book someday.

  • I follow the “Who Murdered Robert Wone” blog and this case is beyond creepy.


  • The sad fact of the matter is that the three residents of that house, who clearly know who killed this man (if they didn’t do it themselves), will probably go free.

    • ah

      Indeed. It’s remarkable that what seems to be a fairly bungled cover up nonetheless has succeeded in covering up the critical evidence regarding the murder.

      • The biggest problems seem to be the ineptitude of MPD, and the fact that the inhabitants of the house appear to be fairly wealthy and connected to some powerful and influential people in the DC legal community.

  • Sad story.. but

    The Golden Rule: The one who has the gold makes the rules!

  • and they have lots of gold since they sold that house for $1.5 million.

  • The defendants requested and were granted a bench trial this afternoon. There will be no jury. The judge will hear the evidence and determine their fates. See http://whomurderedrobertwone.com for details.

  • Sorry, I know one of these men. Never been a violent or hateful person. Do not for a minute doubt that the charges brought against them were trumped up. Many break-ins and violent crimes in that neighborhood at the time… I’m afraid Wone was a victim of one of these, by a stranger. Although everyone sure does love a salacious story, especially if it involves gay men. (sigh) Ridiculous. The DC Police and prosecutors should be ashamed of themselves. I am ashamed of them.

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