Seafood & Crab to Become Chidogo

We learned back in December that Seafood & Crab one of my favorite names had closed at 1936 14th Street, NW (just south of U St.) Thursday evening I saw an alcohol application license go up:

It says:

“New restaurant serving Italian beef/hot dogs…”  Ok.

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  • Can’t wait to see the Circa 2003 “Grand Opening” sign rise again:

  • YEEESSSS!!!! Italian beef in DC! I know there’s Billy Goat, but the more italian beef options the better. Go Bears!

  • Nice – I’ve been dying for a good char dog an Italian beef. Billy Goat is down the street from my office and it really doesn’t cut it for me.

  • Does anyone know if the developer that was going to take over the whole NE corner of the block is still moving forward with the proejct? I understadn it ANC was already involbed and they had been working with the Historical Preservation Board??????????????

  • Umm Yes! Please oh please tell me they will have a Chicago dog there. what I wouldn’t give for some of that neon green relish

  • Well, dammit, there goes my dream of franchising a Portillo’s in DC…..

    I am, however, excited for a decent Italian Beef

  • Excellent! Would love to see something like Top Dog in Berkeley around here. Hope this is the spot.

  • Finally, maybe a real Chicago dog!

  • So…it’s not a French dip or a cheesesteak but something slightly different?

  • I still dont understand the hot dog restaurant business model. Maybe it’s just me…

  • SOOOOO happy…Midwesterners unite!

  • i just hope they don’t price gouge for the price of their food like other attempts at bringing chicago food to DC. anyone remember m’dawg? $5 for a chicago red hot? and then there’s windy city red hots out in asburn operating out of a CART and charging $8 for a beef sammich. how much overhead can you have running out of a cart to price gouge on a beef sammich?

  • yayyyy! I would kill for a beef right now, I miss Johnny’s on North Ave in Elmwood Park sooooo much!!!!!!

  • I’m a Midwesterner and I’ve never understood Chicago cuisine, its just other cities’ cuisine with more crap on it! Chicago Dog: Yup, its a hot dog with a salad on it. Deep dish, just a pizza, with more toppings on it. Italian Beef: French dip with the dip in the sandwich! Nothing original about it!

  • Ed,

    You have no idea what you are talking about. You have obviously never been to Chicago. And no, Oakbrook doesn’t count. Now go back to enjoying your amazing Washington DC cuisine… oh wait… nevermind.

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