Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • rant: class warfare, hypocrisy, apologists, non-profits, dc council, dc in general usually, ferrets

    rave: it seems like there are a lot more moderate and realistic commentors these days. nice to see a balance!

    • That is b/c the people have given up. Witness this weekend the scant attention given to the casualites of gun violence. Not one elected councilmember showed. At the footsteps of the White House, people were begging for Obama to speak out. Nada. In fact, only 100 or so people showed up. I sense that people have given up on trying to solve these social ills that ails us. There is still a little fight for education. That seems to be slowly eroding as well.

    • Christopher: … seriously? Is it safe these days? I generally don’t even step foot in here apart for the rant/revel posts since it’s become like diving into a huge vat of knee-jerk human ugliness. If so, that’s one of the most rave-worthy items in ages.

  • rave: moved into my new house!

    rant: just realized I have to ditch RCN and go back to Comcast 🙁

  • Rave: Habs Game 5 tonight!

    Rant: Can’t decide where to watch, advice?

  • rant: my blackberry keeps breaking, i wish the sun would come out

    rave: I have a good playlist going on Grooveshark to get me through the work week.

  • rave: roommate is moving out!
    rant: I need a subletter! If you know of someone looking, have them search craigslist for Kilbourne

  • Rave: Bojangles (NC based fast food chain) is coming to DC – Union Station! Will no longer have to drive to New Carrollton for my seasoned fry fix! 🙂

    • Amen. Now if only we could get a proper Chick-fil-A in the District . . .

      • There’s a Chick-fil-A in the Marvin Center of GWU- corner of 21st and H NW.

        • There are CFAs at Howard, Catholic, and GW.

          • Yeah. Unsure about Catholic and GW, but the one at Howard is not a full CFA – they don’t serve breakfast, most of the sandwiches or desserts (CFA milkshakes = awesomeness). I was still happy to get a little CFA when I was a student there, though! HU opened it when i was a senior.

    • Oh this is VERY good news.

      How I miss the olden days of eating a big ole bucket of Bojangles and a gallon of sweet tea while riding in the back of a pickup truck on the way to a stock car race.

      Good news. Indeed.

  • Rave: My little sister graduated last Friday!

    Rave: One month until my vacation in ALAKSA!

    Rave: My birthday is next week! The big quarter-century has finally come…

    Rant: Work is super busy and I’ll probably have to work late all week

  • Rave: Cleaned out some ivy in the backyard and found a ton of wild strawberries!

    Rave2: Abu’s back

    Rant: Gulf oil spill. I mean what the F—! Hurricane season starts next month and that shit gets picked up by the currents. Can you say no beaches on the east coast at all.

    • Though they do sound like a nice plant to have, I heard wild strawberries were kind of invasive. I have some too and was going to pick them out…

      Rave: hydrangea is slowly growing in the back yard

      Rant: BP oil spill, and its damage to the Diamondback terrapins

      • Wild strawberries are edible – what is more common (since it is invasive) is Indian mock-strawberry.

        If the flower is white, it’s a strawberry. The invasive mock-strawberry has yellow flowers.

  • Rant: The creepy Kevin Wood ad sometimes scares me away from reading PoP

    Rave: Jazz in the Sculpture Garden starts again this Friday!!

  • Rave: Two gigs this weekend coming up (at a club where we usually have a great audience and get paid well.)

    40th birthday party went really well, and I got some nice gifts (including $$$ and booze.)

    Rant: Still hungover from the weekend. 😉

  • Rave: RUSH, Lakeside Park.

  • Rave: We got tickets to the Antique Roadshow!

    Rave: Saw a fox close-up at the Arboretum this weekend while walking with my Husband and dogs!

    Rant: I will miss my favorite tv show.

    • ah

      Saw a fox this weekend in my backyard. And he stuck around long enough this time for me to get photos and video.

  • Rave: PoP T Shirt.
    Rant: Holly Tree Stump is kicking my behind.

  • Total rave: Re-discovering 25 year old cassette of obscene phone-calls made to my wife… (go along with it, just keep him talking, it’s great material!) … praise allah for those cheezball radio-shack suction-cup telephone mics… now to dream up a suitably vile installation piece ….

  • Rant: I wish Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan would get rid of those ridiculous child-sized grocery carts. The aisles are too narrow and I’m tired of sporting shinned bruises after trips to the grocery because someone’s letting their kid treat the place like a playground.


  • Rave: I just have to say that this city is so nice to pregnant ladies. I get offered a seat on metro every morning and afternoon. Thanks everyone!

  • Rave: Kevin Wood, who was out realtor, and found us a fantastic house and was not creepy at all! in fact he was quite amazing to work with. i would highly recommend his services, and his company 🙂

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