Judging Restaurants – Italian in Georgetown

I noticed a bit of an Italian Restaurant Row on 31 Street in Georgetown. Ristorante Piccolo is located at 1068 31st St NW.

Paper Moon is located across the street at 1069 31st Street NW. You can see their menu here.

Il Canale (warning music plays on their Web site) is located down the block at 1063 31st Street, NW.

So out of the three – which is the best? Any must order dishes? Any idea why they all congregated on 31st Street?

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  • That “Judging Buildings” post from yesterday is also on this block.

  • Paper moon is terrible.

    • agreed, the food is awful

    • Agree– I had an ex who liked to go to Paper Moon, but I never cared for it. Though, being a Jersey girl with Italian blood who can make much better Italian food at home, I don’t think most Italian restaurants in DC are worth going to.

  • The place that is Il Canale has flipped from a Tex-Mex to a Spanish to now an Italian joint in the last three years. Piccolo keeps changing as well. I went to the tex mex place years ago and it was unremarkable, I haven’t been to any of the others.

    • The tex mex place that used to be where il Canale is used to pour tequila shots into your mouth from a pitcher. I so rarely go to G’town anymore, I didn’t realize it had closed. The food was only okay-ish, but the tequila shots and the servers were always amusing.

      I always like Piccolo. It’s been there for years (by “keeps changing” I assume you mean that it was Piccolo for years and then was gutted by fire and just recently reopened – but it’s been Piccolo for as long as I can remember) and isn’t the be all, end all, but was always reliably decent and cozy.

  • I went to Piccolo many times before it was destroyed in a fire about two years ago. I always enjoyed it and didn’t know it had re-opened. The restaurant has been there for years.

  • Which of the three is the best?

    d) None of the above

  • Every once in a while I get an itch for italian –not pizza, not mama lucia’s, actual italian that doesn’t have pergo poured over overcooked noodles. Something non-pretentious…

    What’s the best *in* DC?

  • Posto is very good in my opinion – on 14th Street. I also enjoy Sette in dupont.

  • Al-Tiramisu and Floriana are my faves.

  • Paper Moon is one of the worst restaurants in DC. I’d rather have takeout from EatMore Chicken.

  • paper moon is garbage. They only sell food so they can sell liquor to college kids at night.

    please remove their picture from this post

  • Went to piccolo on Sunday night. We did their tastings journal menu which had 5 courses. The food was all really tasty, if not remarkable. I especially enjoyed a mushroom polenta and filet. I would definitely recommend trying it – it’s pretty romantic. They had 3 tables for 2 on the balcony too if the weather is nice. I haven’t been to the others so I can’t say what’s best though.

  • il Canale does not suck at all. They have a wood burning pizza oven and some pretty authentic stuff. Not as cheap as 2Amys, but competitive in quality of pizza. Pretty nice inside, and lots of bona fide Eye-talians eating there too, which should indicate something.

  • I’ve been to both Paper Moonand il Canale. Paper Moon is awful and I would not recommend it. il Canale has good pizza and has a great roof top deck. I haven’t been to Piccol, which has just re-opened recently.

  • Glad to hear Piccolo is back. It was one of my “go-to’s” before the fire.

  • I just made reservations for Piccolo for Saturday night (following an early showing of Sex & The City)… I haven’t been there for about 9 years — hope it’s still as romantic as I remember. Thanks for bringing back old memories!

  • il canale is actually really good. I had pasta and shared a pizza. It has a sopranos feel to it in there and a great rooftop.

    I did like the tex mex place as well though…

  • Went to piccolo many times before the fire.
    Went back first time after re-opening for mothers day.
    DONT rush back. Service was awful, food wasnt much better. Way off what they were before fire, hopefully they will regain what they had but we will certainly be leery before we go back again.

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