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  • 17th. Just a block or so North of the Safeway. A pretty famous architect designed those rounded windows. You’ll see them every-so-often in DC.

  • Right, 17th just south of S, I think. I once commented to my mom that I loved the round window here and she said, “Imagine the headache to get blinds.” What a party pooper.

  • Great place, has a little fountain. This might have been the house with the couch ice sculpture too (definitely on that block, which is right where I live)

  • Pretty sure the guy that lives there did a lot of the work in the front of the house himself (fountain, landscaping, retaining wall etc). It was on my way too and from work for a few years and a guy, who appeared to be the resident, was working on it for a long long time.

  • I’ve always admired this house,too. 🙂

  • on 17th, just south of S (and the dog park).

  • this house sticks out because its way overboard with everything.

    too much.
    way too much.

  • The house is located on 17th and S. It was built in the beginning of 1900s. The round window is unusual to the historical buildings of the same era.

    The water fountain was designed and built by a landscape designer. However, the garden was designed and built by the “resident”, who loves to work on the yard.

    No problems with the curtains…the house is tastefully decorated by the other “resident”…so everyone says! 🙂

    The snow couch was built in about two hours in one of those snow storm days…really, nothing better to do that day! 🙂 Many people took pictures of it and even seating on it…just to find out that it was built with snow and could not hold their weight! 🙂 It was fun to watch!

    The “resident” is seating on the steps, talking to the “other resident” showing his back on this picture, which I believe it was taken recently, as the grass was just recently repaired…well…by “the resident”!

    Thanks for the nice comments!

    The Residents

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