Full Dinner Menu From Slaviya in Adams Morgan

Earlier this week I wrote that Leftbank had become a new Eastern European restaurant, Slaviya on 18th St, NW in Adams Morgan. At the time I only saw a brunch menu which didn’t have too many eastern European selections. The folks from Slaviya were kind enough to send me over their dinner menus which have lots of good looking eastern European fare.

You can see their Facebook page here.

Note: 2 Daily Specials are offered each week.

Full Menu continues after the jump.

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  • I hope it’s good. It’s an interesting menu, to be sure. A delight for the tastes.

  • They’re mousaka(moussaka)sounds weird.

  • I meant “their”.

  • Yum. Priced reasonably too. Now why wouldn’t they put some of those items on the brunch menu?

  • Sounds delightful, but I was hoping for something more representative of Slavdom. Very heavy on the Bulgarian & Serbian fare… (and Bulgarians are probably not really Slavs anyway) But I’ll be trying it out soon!

  • So I went there on Monday around 7pm. Service was very bad, took at least 15 mins to get a menu, and then the guy comes back 2 minutes later and asks what would we like! it was mostly the family or owners sitting in the front to make it look crowded, they weren’t doing a thing!!! kids screaming in the back, I mean come on is this the childcare too??? service was a C- , But the Food on the other hand was good. nothing special, I give that a B. I tried the Beef Tongue, had some wine and the Chicken Stroganoff. great decor. ghettoness out side where they spray painted the ailing where it used to say LEFTBANK… God I miss Leftbank, that was good food.

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