Dear PoP – We Need Tree Keepers

Photo by PoPville flickr user DG-rad

“Dear PoP,

Can you post a request for residents on or near New Hampshire Ave with the new median trees to sign up as a DC Treekeeper? We need folks to sign up, get a watering device and agree to help keep the tree watered and healthy.

Canopy_Keeper_Brochure_ mail-in

I’ve attached the form and should mention that all forms should be sent to (email is best):

Ian Leahy | Community Outreach Specialist
Urban Forestry Administration | District Department of Transportation
202/671-5132 (desk) | 202/437-0809 (cell) | 202/671-5103 (fax) | [email protected]

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  • What’s a watering device? I’m thinking it’s not just a bucket.

  • The tree watering devices look like half-tire with holes in the bottom.

    On Wednesday (5/5/10) of the week some Petworth Community Members and Urban Forestry Administration (UFA) placed the devices on some of the trees along New Hampshire Ave….

    We are awaiting the remainder of the devices from Urban Forestry Administration as all of the trees along New Hampshire will be receiving one.

  • get out there with a hose, people, or a 5 gallon bucket if you can!

    so many people like to complain about so many things in this city, but this is one way that you can very simply make a positive difference. just water the new trees on your own block. if everyone would just take a little responsibility for their part of town, instead of obsessing over silly things and only commenting about it on blogs, we’d have the great city we want.


  • Second the support for treekeepers. I watered a tree I helped plant with Casey Trees and despite not doing a great job (it wasn’t very close to where I lived), it’s still alive 5+ years later, providing nice shade.

  • All the trees need is a boost to help them make it through their first 2 summers, then they’re usually OK.

    If you’ve seen the elm trees on Barracks Row (8th St SE), these are the same kind – disease-resistant American Elms. They grow really fast and once established are super-tough street trees. I’m really excited to see what NH Ave will look like in a few years!

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