Brutal Mugging in Bloomingdale (1st and T St, NW)

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A very disturbing note from the Bloomingdale blog:

“As of last night, (Saturday) three young men have been mugged and beaten by teens who then robbed them. These three muggings and robberies happened over the past two to three weeks. Police were called two of the three times.

Michele, the Dutch student, is now in the hospital with his jaw broken in three places and missing teeth from a mugging last night at First and T Streets NW. He has a concussion. It was nighttime. The other two muggings were on North Capitol Street in broad daylight.”

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  • Awful happenings for such a nice sounding neighbourhood name, “Bloomingdale”

    I guess one can’t use the power of branding to wish away crime…a “broad valley of flowers” (‘blooming dale’, no?) is not what comes to mind when I think of the area. I don’t think of the department store either.

    • What precisely is your point? Does Brookland upset you because there isn’t a stream running down 12th Street? You want us to change the name of our neighborhood to “Murderland” or something?

  • I’m sick of these damn predatory teenagers and summer has barely started.

  • I’m sure I’ll get censored since every other post of mine never gets published, but I’m fucking tired of the pieces of shit that live in these neighborhoods.

    They don’t value life and are absolutely worthless. I’m growing more tired of DC on a daily basis.

  • Yeah, Next week Phil Mendelsen is going to have a hearing or some sort of vote on youth curfews (something he is opposed to).

    I’m not sure what the “solution” is to this, but it has to include some SERIOUS intervention by the government for these violent attacks. For non-violent offenses, we need to get these kids and their parents engaged. Too bad only Graham and 4 other councilmembers voted for the Income tax increase on those making $300k+. Without more funding, nothing can really been done about this.

    • Sorry Anonymous, but more taxes on law-abiding citizens is not the solution. The wimps on city council need to pass some tough anti-crime legislation that requires the long-term incarceration of these little thugs. The next step is to blow up DYRS, do away with half-assed groups like Peaceoholics, and use the money to ship the little criminals to prisons in other states. It requires a reordering of priorities and some political backbone, which our fearless leaders seem to lack.

  • Wow, the children in DC are actually not only beating folks, they are finally taking their wallets too. As I heard from a nice adult local recently, “what you looking at bitch.” You can only wonder what leadership encouragement the kids are getting from their mentors. Suckeeee DC and its tolerance for extremely violent children.

  • Has there been anything from MPD about catching the suspects or a follow-up investigation?

    Also, “black culture is pretty bad?” Hey, JohnGalt, the dry cleaner called – your white sheet is ready.

    • Jason,
      You think I am racist for pointing out the obvious? I am deserving of Klan robes for pointing out the fact that much of black culture is not in line with the rest of mainstream society?

  • houseintherear

    Any word on whether the victims were carrying phones and/or mp3 players?

    (I’m honestly curious, not judging.)

  • JohnGault, What is your definition for “mainstream society” and do you call street thugs “black culture”?

    • Yes, I would say that street thugs is a part of black culture. In any black community, there is a contingent of young men that are nothing more than thugs. The women are fast closing the gap. They don’t work. Just look at the high unemployment rate among young black men. Many are willing to commit murder. Just look at the murder rate among young black men.

      Many of these young men do not take care of the children they create. Don’t believe me? Just look at the fatherlessness rate in any predominantly black inner city. Furthermore, these young men are not going to high school or college. Just dropping out. So in response, I would say that the mainstream values are not in line with what you see in large parts of black America.

      Your turn to rattle off the reasons why? Save yourself. We all know why.

      • spare us your generalizing and focus on the actual “thugs” rather than “black culture”. pretty much everyone here vilifies criminals but no one wants to talk about stupid racist generalizations just because you’ve had your david duke monet of enlightenment.

        just as every urban black community has thugs, it also has absolutely wonderful caring people who are also part of this “black culture’ of which you speak.

  • Rand-Spawn,
    Why don’t you indulge us and tell us the reasons why? Please don’t \go Galt\ on all of us Moochers and save the fruits of your idiotic mind for yourself. This is a blog for Gods sake!

  • Here we go again, another summer and another year of outrage in the POP comments section.

    Until *everyone* is willing to do the real work of community building and not pawn off the problem on government, law enforcement or some other entity, we will have this exact same conversation every single year. Every neighbor has to take responsibility for every other neighbor, regardless of whether or not we are legally or familially responsible for that neighbor. It’s the ONLY way.

    • “Every neighbor has to take responsibility for every other neighbor, ”

      So should I pay their rent and mortgage? Should i cut your grass? How about send my girlfriend over to breast feed their kids too?

      Interestingly enough, NOWHERE in your post did you mention the parents of these kids. That is the problem right there.

    • thats such bullshit. the expectation that people need to take care of the children of others is weak as hell. this problem of off the chain kids fucking up the lives of decent adults is the responsibility of the family of those children. and no one else.

      if ANYTHING, we need to encourage parents to be responsible.
      but we have no business raising other peoples kids.

    • it would be far easier to get parents to do whats right than to get *everyone* to raise other peoples kids. so you work on that one, okay. because if you hadnt noticed the violent kids parents are part of *everyone*.

  • all of the reactions are similar, basically the sentiment of it’s not my problem, it’s somebody else’s problem.

    well, it’s everybody’s problem when teenagers start mugging people at gunpoint and killing people.

    yeah, there is plenty of inadequate and horrible parenting going on. yeah, there is plenty of sloppy police work and public policy in play.

    but simply pointing the finger at others and expecting them to shape up is a ridiculous strategy.

    again, every neighbor has to take care of every other neighbor, even if the people who are supposed to be doing the job aren’t doing it. A complete cultural shift is the only way this problem gets solved. I think almost everyone understands that basic truth, but when it comes down to doing the hard, nasty, work of making it happen, suddenly wishing the problem away, pushing it to another area, or dumping it on the cops/politicians seems better. In the long term, it’s not.

    • so what do you do?
      cuz i dont even know where to begin, beyond just being friendly.

      and do you want to come teach our community how to solve this?

  • I saw the little 8-10 year old kid in the row up the alley from me hanging outside the backdoor at 2am last Friday with some teenagers – ALL of them cussing, drinking beer and then the kid walked down the alley and took a piss on my neighbor’s back gate.

    I just don’t even know what to say. WTF.

    • please, if you see an 8 yr old drinking at 2 am, you should be calling the cops. AND child services. AND the mayors office. seriously.

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