Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Adams Morgan

This rental is located at 1629 Columbia Road NW,

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Spacious Studio located in DC’s most vibrant neighborhood. Just walking distance from shopping, restaurants, and historical venues. This 8th floor cozy 480 sq. ft. home offers a beautiful hardwood flooring, newly remodeled galley kitchen, enchanted style bath, and huge walk-in closets”

Another bonus not mentioned is that in The Argonne you can also get Pica Taco.

Does $1425 a month sound reasonable?

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  • Man, I am renting out a nice 1-bedroom with fireplace and back patio on Biltmore St for $1600, that includes utilities and allows pets. I need to raise my rent!!

  • 1,425 seems a bit high, though utilities are “free”. i’d say knock off $75-100. pretty nice location there.

  • I live a block west of there and pay about $100 less and have 100 more sq ft. I have to walk an entire block to Pico Taco though, and an entire block back. And I don’t get to correct people’s pronunciation of my building either.

  • I’ve been in that building and in one of those efficiencies and I can’t imagine anyone sane wanting to pay that much to live there in a shoebox.

  • For a studio? Hell no it’s not reasonable.

  • I lived in the Argonne back in the day (’99) when a studio cost me $625 – right before they opened the Columbia Heights metro. I’d say the Pica Taco raises the value a bit but not that much. $1200 or thereabouts seems like a more reasonable price. I had these bad-ass roaches when I lived in that building, too – hope they managed to get rid of them for that inflationary price!

  • saf

    That is a nasty nasty building. I lived there in 1986, when it was still called the Park Plaza. Rapes, burglaries, a criminal security manager, filth, non-functional appliances, and bugs. Was so glad to get out.

    I thought it must have improved when they did that renovations. Then friends moved in there a few years ago, and while it had been painted and cleaning, it was still pretty bad.

  • Too expensive. Look at the Chalfonte or the Envoy.

  • I toured there once and saw a gigantic cockroach. The property manager told me it was a lesser known “waterbug”, not a cockroach. She crushed it and put it in the trash. I was horrified and did not come back. I now live around in the corner in a much larger unit for $1100.

    The places were TINY, although nicely redone.

    • lol! My boyfriend in college used to call the roaches in his apartment “waterbugs” too. Didn’t make the roaches any cuter.

  • I used to have a huge 2 br in the building for $1500 a month, including parking. Times they are a’changin’.

  • Not worth it! We have a spacious one bedroom that looks similar to this photo one block away on Columbia for $1350.

  • You gotta be kidding me! Since when is a spacious studio less than 500 sq ft. This is total BS!

    In amusing news, apparently the post was deleted on craigslist…

  • i’ve actually lived in the argonne for three years before moving in february. i was in a 700-sq-ft studio apartment for $1350… which then went up to $1425 the next year, and then $1455 when i left at the end of january.

    then, they had the gall to send me another letter to inform me that my rent had gone up another $50-ish AFTER I HAD LEFT.

    anyway, i actually really liked my apartment – it had a huge kitchen and walk-in closet. and the building has improved immensely in the three years i lived there. great neighborhood, too.

    however, $1425 is for a 400-sq-ft anywhere in that neighborhood is absolutely ludicrous.

  • ridiculously expensive. i hope BeeBee was completely joking when saying “I’d say the Pica Taco raises the value a bit but not that much.” i still hold a little grudge against the woman who i assume is the owner. one time when she didn’t have enough change, she asked me to just eat the loss. it was probably like 25 cents, but come on, you’re a business lady. but i digress. worst deal ever for this studio in this area.

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