Judging Buildings – Rosemount Center


The Rosemount Center is located at 2000 Rosemount Ave, NW in Mt. Pleasant. You can read about the school/organization here. But for this post I’m really just admiring the building. I know I’m not crazy because a lady came out of her house when I was staring at the building and said to me, “it sure is beautiful, isn’t it?”. What do you guys think?


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  • It IS beautiful. 🙂 So much good architecture around.

  • I have wondered about that place… looks like it’s a home/school for unwed mothers. You might say 90% of mother in DC are eligible to move in there!

  • It hasn’t been a school for unwed mothers since the 1970s.

  • Never knew that it was a school for unwed mothers. I definitely went to pre-school there (I am now 27) and I can say for sure that my parents were together. Loved it there 🙂

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