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This apartment is located at 1801 Clydesdale Place, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

My studio apartment is available for immediate move-in at $1095 a month. The details are below, but, suffice it to say, this apartment is great. My favorite part is its perfect location; the apartment is in a quiet, beautiful, and safe neighborhood, but it’s also 5 minutes away from 18th and Columbia, the main downtown area of Adams Morgan. 18th Street is alive on weekends because of its many restaurants, cafes, and clubs. Most importantly, the apartment itself is beautiful, with hardwood floors, great sunlight, and a nice view.”

Given yesterday’s request for suggestions of where to look for around $1000, this one jumped out at me. Think $1095 sounds good?

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  • I think thats a pretty good deal.

  • Emmaleigh504

    good deal

  • It’s 1801 Clydesdale, not 801. Great location. Strange though how the refrigerator is out there in the open when the kitchen doors are closed.

  • I used to own a 1br in that building. i rented it out furnished for 1 yr for $1850 (included a parking spot). The problem with the building is that, b/c its a co-op, you can only rent your place out for 2 years. After 2 years, the owner *has* to move back in. They can make it very difficult on your renter if you dont follow the protocol. I became friends with a girl who was renting from my neighbor and she basically *had* to move out in the middle of law school exams b/c the 2 years was up. If you are just looking for a place for a year or 2, its a great location!

    • Because it’s a co-op, DC tenant laws did not apply? She HAD to move out? yeah right. unless the US Marshalls showed up to her door, she didn’t have to move out.

      • The lease you sign will have the 2-year stipulation in it (unless it’s one of the few units owned by someone who bought before this rule was introduced.) This is not inconsistent with DC tenant law, IIRC.

  • I rented a studio at the Saxony for 2 years about five years ago and it was great. Small apartment, yes. But wonderful views (that roof deck!), a nice walk-in closet, and a friendly, quiet building.

  • I’ve always wondered why spots back here are cheaper than others nearby — both to rent and to buy. Is it just this one building? I know I’ve been in there in the past…

    • Mostly older buildings, many units un-renovated, most of the buildings don’t have off-street parking and I don’t think any of them have garages beneath them, and it’s a bit of a hike to Metro. Makes for a good bargain, though.

  • i lived in the building for about 4 years, and would wholeheartedly recommend it. it’s a great location – close to the craziness of adams morgan, but on a nice, quiet, tree-lined street. about a 5 minute walk to the 42 bus, about a 13 minute (brisk) walk to columbia heights metro or woodley park metro. FAST access to virginia, as you’re right on the entrance to rock creek (arlington in 10-15 minutes).

    as for the building itself, it was just going through a big renovation when i left for the common areas (lobby, carpets, etc), so it’s probably nicer now. has a dedicated bike storage room, which is a huge deal if you only have a studio. tons of washer/dryers, nice for laundry hoarders. 24 hour desk, great if you do your shopping online. and the roof deck is really nice, as mentioned.

    as for why on the less expensive side? mostly due to the fact that it’s 1950s construction without anything super special to be said about the character or design. hard to compete with all the super luxury new buildings. a LOT of the units are still in original condition from the 1980 switchover from apartments to co-ops, so a lot of prices are in the fixer-upper range. that said, prices are moving up in the building as people have been renovating and reselling over the past few years (i know i did).

    ditching your car to live here would be pretty helpful. the parking waiting list is VERY long, and street parking is a B. i did it for a year and a half, and if you get home after 6:30, you’re in dire straits (forget moving your car on a fri or sat night).

  • I lived in the building 15 years ago and yes, parking is probably the worst of it but it’s par for the course in Adams Morgan. But the location is ideal for so many reasons and that rooftop deck is a gem. It surpasses Central Park views and makes you feel like you’re in another country entirely.

  • I live here now. Comments are correct: because of the co-op rules, you must leave a unit or buy after two years of renting. I love it anyway and plan on trying to find another unit in the building when my time is up.

  • im still having a hard time with how expensive dc is. why would i want to live in a room for $1100

  • Because you’re not in Kansas anymore.

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