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This apartment is located at M St SE & 3rd St SW.

The Craigslist ad says:

“This charming efficiency has been newly renovated with contemporary, modern designs in Washington’ premier Southwest Waterfront Community, Carrollsburg. This unit is located on the top level floor. Enjoy the relaxing views of the National Stadium, as well as, views of the southern skyline.

*Granite counter tops
*All new appliances
*Chrome and stainless steel fixtures
*Berber carpet
*In-building laundry facilities
*Secured building
*Walk to Metro and SW Waterfront or enjoy the POOLSIDE!
*Unit has personal parking space: $170.00 per month (negotiable)”

I’ve been curious about Waterfront apartments. Does $1200 sound reasonable for this one? What do you think of the neighborhood?

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  • This is in SOUTHWEST not Southeast. From the photo it looks to be one of theose places built in the 60’s.

  • The map and address are wrong. Carrollsburg is at 3rd and M SW, not 3rd and M SE

  • unless there’s some big. legit waterfront fervor for residential (not commercial, which is pretty well known) i’m unaware of, this place needs to drop the price by $200-300 and they’ll be in the ballpark. get it? ballpark? you could get an efficiency in NW for this amount without much effort.

  • I live in the neighborhood, and while I recommend it, this seems like way too much (I live in a 2BR row house less than 3 blocks away and pay $1475)However, you are super close to the metro (and there is new retail coming in), plus you are near the waterfront, which is actually becoming one of my new favorite places in DC (needs some work, but its still cool)

  • This would be a good deal if it were a 1br. But I agree with skeedattle and Kate- I’ve thought about moving down there but I’d only do if it were significantly cheaper, as there’s not much going on down there in the way of nightlife, etc. At this price though for an efficiency though you can be in much better ‘hoods.

  • I looked around this neighborhood in SW last year and I was not very impressed. There is a major construction project ongoing around the metro which I bet will create lots of noise and inconvenience (sidewalks closed, debris, etc.) When I went to look on a weekday there seemed to be many people loitering. I don’t know about the crime statistics but it seems rather desolate.

    I think these buildings could do a lot better if they priced these type of apartments at $1100 or below. I took an honest look there then moved to a studio in Logan Circle for 1200.

  • Is the open-air drug market on Third between M and I still going strong? When I lived at Town Center Plaza (which has been refurbished to this: in 2000-01, it was a constant presence, along with cars with Virginia plates constantly driving by.

  • Re: drug market. YES it’s still going on, big housing project between Half and Third generates constant source of suppliers. Nice playground near there, 2 Metros (Navy Yrad, SW Waterfront) some nice condos, close to ballpark, pool at the hotel nearby and of course the Arena Stage and marinas are pluses though.

  • Ditto what Fear Mongerer posted. I was living around the corner from this listing before I moved to Park View. After a year there, I never had a problem till the day I moved out (Dec 31 2009) when I was the victim of an armed robbery at 1:30pm. Middle of the freakin day. Very sure that this kid came from the mentioned housing project. The write up is here:

    This area has a way to go…sadly.

  • Two words. Jazz Church. 4th and I SW. Blues every Monday, jazz every Friday, $5/show, and about $5-20 for delicious soul food dinners. Official name is Westminster Church.

    I rented in the Carrollsburg for three years. Paid $1600/month for an un-renovated 2 bedroom. I mean, it had been renovated since it had been Section 8 in the 60s, but not renovated since the 80s. Our convector caught on fire, and the front desk person didn’t care at all, and I was certain that the cantilevered balcony was going to drop right off, but they had maintenance people to come buy and fix things same-day. Plus fantastic view of the Capitol and LOC domes.

    The drug market was there, but on the inner streets of Greenleaf Gardens, so as long as you didn’t stray inside, you were fine. They had the best fireworks too, pretty much all year round, and then all day long for much of the summer. On the 4th of July, it’s way better than what the Mall offers, and I bet from the top floor, you’d get to see both, and all the fireworks going off in PG county. No fireworks though when there’s a murder in the Gardens.

    The convenience of the Safeway, CVS, Metro, library, MPD substation, post office, Arena Stage, the Jazz Church, and little shops like Negril (now moved to Silver Spring) was awesome, and I’m excited to see who moves into the new Metro shopping area. You can also walk to the Mall and Chinatown in about 20-30 minutes depending on your speed.

    The population seemed to be the elderly and recent grads, douches who go to Cantina Marina, and college kids that go to Zanzibar and H2O.

    Anyway, would have stayed, but wanted to buy a home closer to work.

  • The drug market was most definitely NOT on the “inner streets of Greenleaf Gardens” when I lived there. It was brazenly out in the open on Third Street, on the western edge of the project. The drug boys would see a white person behind the wheel of a car and spring into action with the enthusiasm of a desperate car salesman: “smoke, smoke, smoke.” Never when black people drove by; only whites. Such was their usual clientele.

    Don’t know if it’s still that way, but that’s the way it was not too long ago. Never saw it get particularly violent (definitely saw/experienced worse when I proceeded to move to post-Target Columbia Heights after living in Southwest), but the drug element is/was out in the open and seemingly accepted by just about everyone who lives there.

  • Pluses of that part of Southwest:

    -Very close to Metro
    -Easy access to Virginia shopping by car
    -Easy access to National Airport by car and Metro
    -Waterside Mall being transformed
    -Arena Stage
    -Ballpark (if you like that sort of thing)

    Minuses of that part of Southwest:
    -Metro is Green Line. The Green Line is useless on weekends and, frankly, anytime it isn’t rush hour, though NextTrain on your cell makes it easier to time your trips so you’re not waiting 29 minutes for the next train.
    -Sprawling Greenleaf Gardens project a constant source of problems, even if an MPD district HQ is for all intents and purposes sitting in the middle of it.
    -Waterfront area still has a long way to go before it’s a destination. Sorry, but Cantina Marina and a bunch of permanently moored barges where you can buy the same seafood you get at Safeway doesn’t make it a destination.

  • Oh yeah, another minus:

    -Cabs often refuse to take you there. Illegal? Yes. Fact of life? Yes.

  • Seeing as all the YUPPIE residents of these developments I’ve ever met also had serious addiction issues, I’d say the open air drug market might well be a feature!

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