The Mount Pleasant Library will close For Renovations on March 27

Rendering from DC Public Library

DC Library:

“The Mount Pleasant Library will close on March 27, at 5:30 pm, for renovation and expansion. The library will be closed for approximately 17 months. An Interim Library will open on April 19 at 3164 Mount Pleasant St., NW, one-tenth of a mile from the Mount Pleasant Library. Until the Interim opens, please visit the Cleveland Park Library, 3310 Connecticut Avenue, NW. Library materials may be returned to any DC Public Library location.

View photos and site designs of Mount Pleasant Library. The DC Public Library is seeking request for proposals for construction services for the new Mt. Pleasant Library.”

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  • Closed and replaced with three computers.

  • That’s pretty harsh. I’ve been taking the kids to the MtP Library since the Petworth Branch closed for repairs, so my first pick and #1 alternative are both gone. Takoma is just alright. Luckily I discovered the Lamond-Riggs Branch this week and its huge kids section. However, don’t go looking for non-juvenile fiction in either MtP or Lamond-Riggs — a laughably small collection.

  • ugh. I’m not happy about living so close to a library even if temporary, but maybe I can steal the free wi-fi….. no one goes for books anymore, why do we even have them? hey, you kids get off of my lawn …

  • Thanks for posting – I was wondering where to return my book when (if ever) I finish. The Post mention about this just said Mt. Pleasant library closes until April 19, kind of leaving out the part that it *will* close on March 27.

  • I totally gave up on the MtP library after three attempts to get a library card (over the space of 8 months) were foiled by their mysterious lack of actual cards. *sigh*

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