New Condos Coming to 18th and Swann Streets, NW


Normally this wouldn’t be the biggest news but these are the buildings that have the great artwork from John William Cavanaugh.


The sign says they will be ready in early 2011:


More photos of the art after the jump.



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  • what was that building, awning, etc. before??

  • The storefront with the awning was previously a real estate office.

  • Who is the developer?

  • I toured this building about a year ago as a potential condo conversion project. It was used by the Cavanaugh Foundation to store their sculptures and as apartments for artists. It was divided into about 13 legal units, but each couldn’t have been more than 300 SF, some even smaller. It also has no parking and is surprisingly small overall. The building looks big but is very slender, with no rear outdoor space. It also hadn’t been renovated in 70+ years and was a total shell, even though a few artists were still living there. At the time the owners wanted $2 mil+ but I think it sold for closer to $1.5 mil (I can’t remember exactly). I thought it had more potential as apartments because it’s such a good location and the units are so small, even if you combined several of them.

  • Sculptor John Cavanaugh was a DC native son who made it big.

    A very accomplished artist, I remember he had his studio there on Swann Street in Dupont Circle where he heated, hammered and molded his fabulous enduring art figures from slabs of lead like the one pictured above.

    His lead sculptors can be found all over town. Others have been featured on this blog before.

    Sadly, he died awfully young more than 20 years ago. (The lead had to do with it.) The art foundation with his name on it on the corner of 18th and Swann was able to last into its third decade right there.

    Thanks for the deserving tribute here.

  • I had lived in the bldg. and it was a wonderful space with lots of light. It only had 9 apartments and a store front. All were at least one bedroom and some were 2 bedroom – a couple were even two levels. Cavanaugh’s sculpture, which was created in the artists studio originally created in the storefront, follows the theme of Proust’s Swanns Way (Swann Street) and these unique hammered lead reliefs adorn the building. It is being refurbished into large, high quality green condos, some of which will be entered via the open central atrium. Cavanaugh’s sculpture will be restored and returned to the building.

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