Judging Buildings – GW Dorms


Clearly this was built in the last few years. It looks like it could be a new condo. Not too bad for a dorm, yeah? It’s South Hall located at 2135 F Street, NW. Thumbs up or down?


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  • Always have nothing but love for GW dorms. These look insanely nice. Quite a difference from my first DC home, Mitchell Hall which was not anything like this placelooks …. But dorms are all about the people inside … and the bathrooms, man I hope they have better bathrooms than Mitchell did.

  • Back in my day at GW (1993-97), GW didn’t have any of these fancy-pants dorms, but they were still pretty nice. Bathrooms in each room instead of communal (well, except for Mitchell–sorry, FentonH). I always thought that fact gave GW a huge edge over other schools, which all seemed to have communal bathrooms.

    Of course, it being GW, living off campus was ludicrously cheaper than living in the dorms, even in Foggy Bottom. Lived in Thurston freshman year then moved off campus. Now I think students have to live on campus for at least two years because the 900-year-old Foggy Bottom residents got sick of their merry-making.

  • That building isn’t even a year old. I lived caddycorner from that lot while it was under construction, which only took a little more than a year. It’s already having some problems, but on the whole is a pretty good dorm and doesn’t call too much attention to itself.

  • Wow, so different from drunken loud days and nights at beat up Thurston Hall.

  • saf

    I lived 3 years in Strong Hall. I think I like that better than this.

  • Yeah GW dorms are amazing. Lived in Ivory Towers first year it was open, Dunkin Donuts in the basement (at the time the only one in DC) I was one happy Massachusetts girl.

  • Thumbs up. Wish more contemporary construction looked like this. It’s a nice low-impact compromise between the historic stuff and the purely glass/steel eyesores.

  • They look really nice. They had better be, when you’re going to the most overpriced school in the country!

  • GW builds one monstrous fancy glass building after another. It’s flashy and nice, which is what attracted me to the school in 2002, but it’s a little sad to watch the campus change so drastically from year to year. I have no idea how they keep up with the cost of constant renovation and new construction…even with the highest tuition/room/board in the country!

  • I went to GW 2003-2007. My freshman dorm was gross, but the other three years I was living the high life. I’ll be lucky if I live in an apartment as nice as their dorms within the next 20 years.

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