Dine Out for a Good Cause Tonight


From Food & Friends:

“For this one day, over 150 restaurants in the area will donate 25%-100% of their proceeds to Food & Friends.

Simply by dining out, you will ensure that thousands of children and adults facing HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-challenging illnesses, will receive the daily, nutritious meals so vital to their care.”

You can find the participating restaurants here.

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  • I hate to be the skink at the picnic, but does Food and Friends still pay their Executive Director that exorbitant salary? I stopped giving to F&F when I saw those news stories and switched my donations to other food charities in the city through the United Way.


    • I think it is interesting that you took in the news stories as presenting the entire picture. While Shniderman does receive a rather lucrative salary, I think it prudent to know the work he has done for the organization. When he came on board with the organization it was floundering and standing on very weak legs. Under his leadership he turned the organization around and built it to the strength it has today.

      I think some folks misunderstand the ‘non-profit’ label of different organizations. Did you know that organizations such as the NFL and the NBAr are designated as ‘non-profit’? I digress. The point is even a charitable ‘non-profit’ like F&F needs strong leadership. Craig Shniderman has provided just that to F&F.

      Before you criticize the compensation of the Food & Friends CEO I suggest you take a look at Charity Navigator and see how it compares with similar organizations and other charities as well in terms performance. You may see that the F&F actually performs quite well.

      And no, I do not have any affiliation with the organization other than providing donations.

    • Before you link to a poorly researched article that criticizes the CEO of F&F perhaps it is best that you do a little research of your own.


      F&F would most likely no longer exist if it wasn’t for the CEO’s hard work. Is his salary high? Maybe. The important thing to recognize is the hard work he has put in to build a successful organization that feeds thousands of ill people everyday at no cost to the patients.

      And no, I don’t have any ties to the organization other than donations.

  • The single illustrative article I linked to is by no means the only article that has raised this issue over the years (Google it). This issue was even raised by the Montgomery County Council when they chose not to fund F&F’s request in a few years back, and their staff did evaluate program outcomes and executive compensation across many non-profit organizations in the Metro region. I do not know the Executive Director and I have no personal vendetta against him; he may be the greatest CEO of any non-profit in the history of the world (it certainly appears that way based on the legion of folks who voice their support for him each time this issue is raised). I am just speaking for myself and the choices that I have made regarding my charitable giving dollars; everyone must make their own choices. Of course, everyone should carefully research the charities to which they contribute, and the link you provide is but one of many means to do just that (I was happy to to be able to look up S.O.M.E. of the other charities that I support). As for me, I have made my choice…everyone is free to consider the facts and make their own choices.

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