Dear PoP – Raid at 4008 7th St. NW


“Dear PoP,

By 7 a.m. this morning [Friday], the police (“army” might be a better word) had raided 4008 7th St. NW, and then searched the house.”

Anyone know the history here?


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  • I don’t know anything about that block, but those look like Feds, or at least the vehicles/uniforms don’t look like MPD. You could ask on the 4D ListServ, but my guess is they’ll tell you it was another agency.

  • There was a similar thing on Wed. morning at 1401 Spring. But the raiders had MPD jackets on. How can we find arrest records for incidents like this? I just want to know what was going on around the corner from me.

  • The marked car and the dude with the blue-striped pants all look like US Park Police. The guys done up as Starship Troopers might be the much-feared Park Police SWAT, but it’s hard to tell.

    This might be part of the joint USPP/FBI/MPD/PGPD drug-raid-palooza trumpeted in Friday evening’s WaPo:

  • I walked by when the police were still there. They were definitely US Park Police. I looked at the story above in the post and it says US Park Police along with the police and FBI were involved in various drug raids around the city. Strange, because I live near there and didn’t realize there were any problem houses on that block.

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