Barracks Row Scuttlebutt and General Updates


First the scuttlebutt, I hear that the owner of nearby Lola’s and soon to open Cheseapeake Room (see below) has purchased the Veterinary clinic on the 500 block of 8th Street, SE (pictured above). More info on this space as it becomes available. As it is only scuttlebutt the purchase of the property has not yet been confirmed.

Barracks Row seems to be getting as many new bars/restaurants as H Street, NE. Georgia Ave has a bit of catching up to do…


And here are a few new restaurants on Barracks Row that we have previously discussed here. And the building from the owner’s of Matchbox is looking good as well:


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Capitol Hill Bikes has reopened a few storefronts down from it’s old spot in a smaller space at 719 8th Street, SE.


And as a reader noted last week the Cricket Store on 8th Street, SE has now become a Boost Mobile. The Cricket stores that I passed in NW DC still have their Cricket signs.

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  • The Cap Hill vet clinic and Chateau Animaux should move down south next to Dogma, creating a “dogtown” neighborhood for all the RE agents to fawn over.

    • GiantSquid

      Nooooo, we get our dog food from Chateau Animaux and they’re less than three blocks away!

      Any word on what’s happening to the Vet clinic?

  • Yes, please keep us updated on the vet clinic. this is very convenient .
    i walked by the Chesapeake room, looks like they should be finish soon.

  • Once the CSX VA Ave. project gets started, there will be nothing near Dog-ma going in for quite some time, as there will be a giant gaping pit where the road once was. At this point, Dog-ma’s future in that location is uncertain, so while you may have been joking, that’s not happening.

    Chateaux is not going anywhere. This isn’t the same building. The plans for this building and the vet clinic are not set in stone yet.

  • What else does Georgia Avenue have coming, anyway?

  • Look for the guys from Matchbox to open a new restaurant called Ted’s Bulletin at 505 8th Street. This was the old District Lock store. If you like milkshakes and malts, then this is your place along with an “adult” twist. They will be serving breakfast all day, plus barbecue, chili and old-fashioned supper dishes They will be turning back the clock and serving up “twinkies,” “ho-ho’s” and “pop-tarts.” Time for a name change for Barracks Row to Restaurant Row!

    • This is opening very soon. I interviewed the guys back in October about it for the Hill is Home:

    • Will there be 90 minute waits for a strawberry milkshake?

      • My understanding is that it isn’t really going to be that kind of place. This isn’t fast food, or really a take out place (although there will be takeout). I could be wrong, but the impression I’ve gotten from the owners is that it’s not really the sort of place where you run past and pop in for a shake to go. I could be totally wrong, but that’s the impression I have. I think as we get a little closer to opening though, we’ll have a clearer idea of just how the concept will play out in reality.

    • Sounds like the “unnecessary” quotes restaurant! How far do you have to “turn back the clock” to buy twinkies, ho-hos and pot-tarts in any 7-11? About 5 minutes?

    • Yuck, Twinkies and Hohos? I hope they make keys!

  • If you’re monitoring Cricket, their store on Penn SE, like in the 1200 or 1300 block is now empty.

    • I knew that either or both wasn’t going to last. What was the point of having two so close together.

      I think they blanked the area with advertisement, then stores in the hopes of building business but they never had any intention of keeping all the stores open.

  • The Cricket at Georgia and Gresham is also gone.

  • and the cricket on barrack’s row. I posted this in a rants/raves last week. Their parent company is losing some serious money, but cricket was supposedly their savior. Was curious if the business model was short term leases, saturate to get subscribers then drop store fronts once an area was properly harvested…

  • What is Chesapeake Room going to be? I assume a bar? Anyone else have any info, my google search was fruitless

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