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Well, you guys are in store for some ridiculous houses this week. On Saturday I set a personal one day walking record for myself getting completely lost and covering 18 miles. I actually hurt my knee from walking. Who knew you could hurt yourself walking? I think I’ve hit a new low… But back to the point, fortunately I found some of the most ridiculously awesome houses around town. This one is from the edge of the Forrest Hills neighborhood not far from Broad Branch Road, NW.

What do you think of this style?



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  • These homes always reminder me of the “Sleeper” house.

  • I have been in this house. It’s in the Forest Hills section on Chesterfield Place at the end of the cul de sac. Even though it’s not my personal style but the inside is gorgeous…. And the landscaping in the back is great too!

  • The materials on the exterior are aesthetically inappropriate for a house. I wonder if it was built by a commercial contractor who had a lot of leftover masonry and aluminum panels from some office building project.

    • mid city guy

      umm…who deemed masonry and aluminum as “aesthtically inappropriate” for a house? And where was I when the memo was distributed?

  • Oh I love it. Someone has some nerve. Bravo!!!

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