Spotlight on an Embassy


The Embassy of Mozambique on the 1500 block of New Hampshire Ave, NW is fantastic. And of course whenever I see the name Mozambique it makes me think of the great Bob Dylan:

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  • Dylan? Makes me think of gun-runners, but that’s just based on stories some of my relatives from Zimbabwe told me as a kid. Man, how troubled does your country have to be to put an AK-47 on its flag?

  • How many of you know that Mozambique’s official language is Portuguese, as it used to be a Portuguese colony? This fun fact brought to you by a DC teacher.

  • Roman brick is the best looking masonry, IMHO.

  • This building was originally two townhouses. They were combined by Henry Glassie, a local real estate lawyer now long gone. They were used for his law firm offices. The stone front facade was added as part of the renovation. Glassie went on to renovate the Batchlor Mansions in the 1700 block of H Street, NW which was a small apartment building converted by him to offices and then he moved his firm to the Sun Building in the 1300 block of F Street, which he also renovated and which was once the tallest building in DC. Glassie was a very interesting man. He was a successful real estate lawyer and he and his wife also had a well regarded Art Gallery called Montrose Gallery specializing in 19th century American artists. His widow, Betsy Glassie is an accomplished artist who now lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Glassie’s father was also a lawyer and was the long time head of the Lands Division of the Justice Department. This was a big job at the time. The elder Glassie was considered an expert on buildings and could date a building within 10 years by examining the nature of the mortar between the bricks. Interestingly, for for a man of such accomplishment and renown, he was blind!

  • I, too, would like to spend some time in Mozambique.

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