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  • Sick! I love it!

  • PoP, you’ve left New York – you now live in the District. We don’t use the term “brownstone.”

  • johnny,

    those are browstones.

    you know how you see some houses and you go, “look at those formstones” or “look at those victorians” or “damn bama crackhouses”

    its like that.

    • Wrong, but thanks. If you say “look at that formstone,” you should go back to grammar school and learn how to form sentences properly. “Brownstone” is a vernacular term used in New York for rowhouses made from Portland Brownstone, which is quarried in Connecticut. No native Washingtonian would be inclined to use the term “brownstone” here, unless they weren’t too bright. My people have been here forever, and you would never hear them utter that yankee word.

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