Trees Labeled in Capitol Hill


I recognize I’m not a normal person. You see I took this field botany class in college and got a bit addicted to trees. The problem is I’m not very good at retaining knowledge, as you may have been able to guess… Anyway, I was psyched to see this row of trees labeled (east of Union Station).


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  • The tree must be on U.S. Capitol grounds. All of the trees managed by the Architect of the Capitol have these labels.

  • The Willow Oak is my favorite! They have such beautiful, thick, trunks.

  • Willow oaks are my fave as well. I received a free willow oak to plant in my backyard after taking a free, 3-hour course at Casey Trees . I highly recommend it!

  • The FBI downtown has a whole bunch of willow oaks out front. My personal favorite, and there are lots on 13th Street, is the Engish oak. I like both of those oaks for their acorns especially. Willow oaks have wee tiny acorns, and English oak’s acorns have long, skinny stems and a pleasing shape.

    I know a woman who graduated from college with a degree in forestry, and her ability to identify any tree around here was awesome and inspiring. Thanks to her, I’ve got a couple of very good tree books for this part of the country. I like to know what I’m looking at.

  • I’m gonna start doing this in Petworth.

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