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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?

Are you excited about or dreading the snow? Mark me down in the excited camp!

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  • OMG 8-12″ OF SNOW IS COMING TO DC!!! Begin emptying the grocery stores of bread, milk and toilet paper NOW! Keep your TV constantly tuned to NBC 4 NOW! Ransack Blockbuster Video NOW! Immediately abandon your cars for the best spots at interchanges and on main highways NOW!

  • Rant: My brakes are grinding and I had the brake pads put on a year ago. Shouldn’t they last longer? Does anyone know of a good mechanic in DC?

  • @Herb – LOL hilarious!

    Rave: last day of work before holiday vacation…
    Rant: tons and tons of stuff to finish up before I leave at 1630…
    Rave: going to Vermont tomorrow to go snowboarding for 5 days… Jay Peak Mountain on the Canadian border
    Rant: I’ve only snowboarded once before and I hope I don’t die!
    Rave: awesome design meeting this morning, super productive!
    Rant: I’ve been so busy at work I haven’t been able to keep up with PoP 🙁

  • Rant: A homeless man told me to eat a bag of dicks on my walk to work today.

    Rave: A homeless man told me to eat a bag of dicks on my walk to work today.

  • Rant: DC drivers get a bad rap — I lived in Denver for two years and they’re just as bad in the snow as we are.

    @hobbs: we’ve always had good luck with the Midas on 6th and New York. Ignore whatever fluids they try to sell you, but the break work has been reliable. And now, when you pick up your car, you can drop into Passenger for a beer to celebrate. (Just two, if you’re driving).

    Revel: Snow! Red wine! Hot Soup! Time to go to the Zoo and sled down the hill by the Harvard Street entrance until the cops chase us off.

  • Rave (and rant): Last day of vacation in New Orleans – reconnecting with old friend, getting to know the Bywater/Marigny area. Good music, good food, good company. Now back to DC and snow mania. Sigh.

  • Kalorini

    RAVE: FLAKY FROZEN PRECIPITATION! (Fingers crossed that the roads are cleared by Monday night–I know that’s a lot to ask for in DC)

    Rave-ish: The “break-up” with the boyfriend may not be happening? We’re kind of in limbo? I have no idea, but I have some glimmer of hope.

    Rant-ish: I might be coming down with a cold? Not entirely sure, but if it is a cold, will update to be a full-blown RANT.

    Rant: My credit card balance. Grrrr holiday shopping!

    • Why would you want to be in this relationship? What’s the point of being in limbo wondering?

      • Kalorini

        He’s worth it–he’s just got too much on his plate and can’t devote 100% to me, which he feels badly about. So we’re trying to find a compromise.

        • If you were in his position would you really push him away? Think about it…when you are stressed doesn’t it just make you wish he was around more so you could feel better?

  • rave: gay marriage bill signed!
    rave: it’s friday!
    rant: it’s only 1pm on friday

  • Huge Rave: Cerrato’s out. Thank you baby Jesus.

  • Rant: Snow Storm and flight out of BWI at 7:30 am on Sunday …getting ready for a long day of delays at the airport.

    Rave: Going back home to Texas for 9 days!…hopefully

  • Rave: Won the photo caption contest, woo hoo.

    R2: 87′ of snow, time to load up on beer and chicken wings, and nachos. take the little ones out to build snowmen. got a truck so I wont miss any xmas parties on saturday. Maybe I will revive the “Midwinters night BBQ” party from the old NY days.

    rant: total fail on december call options.

    @TJ: bag o dicks, priceless.

  • Rant: My ex boyfriend just emailed me to say that my name “is a beautiful dagger in Indonesia thought to be magical”.

    Rave: My ex boyfriend just emailed me to say that my name “is a beautiful dagger in Indonesia thought to be magical.” Hilarious!

  • Rave: Its Friday!
    Rant: Driving to NC tonight…is that totally insane, or just a little?

  • I was going to rant about the snow f’ing up my vacation travel for tomorrow, but I just changed my flight to Sunday so I feel better – or at least a little less uncertain.

    Instead I will rant that I sometimes have a very hard time reading the verification words for posting.

  • Rant!!! I am supposed to fly out of BWI tomorrow at 4:15pm. I am really worried that the flight will get cancelled or delayed. Any advice, PoP commenters?

  • I have a flight out of DCA tomorrow night at 7:00. I’ve never flown in or out of a snow storm. Can anyone let me know what to expect? Will my flight be delayed, will I be sitting on the tarmac for 8 hours or will it be no problem getting out.

    I realize Herb and some MidWesterners out there will make fun of me, but I’m from CA and really have no clue. There’s nothing I can do other than wait and call the airline tomorrow but knowing what to expect would ease my mind. Thanks!

    • Not making fun of you, more so the media that does everything in its power to stir up anxiety over weather events. No doubt there is aleady a reporter searching NOVA for a grocery store low on milk to do his remote from.

      Call the airline in advance and good luck with your flight. I’m sure you will be fine!

    • Get the text alerts from the airline – they will tell you quickly if your flight is cancelled. Check in online as soon as you can, and get to teh airport early. Have the airline phone number to call and any frequently flier numbers. Give the numbers to your mom (or someone who can call for you!) so they can help out. Wear something comfortable, because even if your flight is on time, they will frequently change gates because others aren’t on time. And bring snacks — last Xmas I got stuck in the airport for 10 hours and the lines were insane for food.

      • I said “screw it” and changed my flight to Sunday night. The stress was getting to me. Now I can enjoy the storm to end all storms from home. Hope it works out!

  • @NP – I make fun of the people who stock up on toilet paper and bread as if we’ll be snowed in for months… Not people who have to fly! Honestly, I’d plan for the worst case scenario. As long as they plow the runway and de-ice the plane you’ll be fine, but that can cause delays as well. Bring a good book or your laptop (with charger) and time will fly. Make sure to check the flight status before you leave for the airport.

      • Ugghhh. It really doesn’t matter whether they can plow the runway. It’s the backup and delay’s out of JFK that will make or break your day. I’d bring plenty of reading material and plan to sit around with no one telling you anything for HOURS past your scheduled flight time only to be sent home for the night. When the east coast gets a storm, it effs up the entire US airspace.

        • I know it’s the delays from other airports that contribute as well, but since the snow is going to be HERE, things will be delayed here, first. Sorry I wasn’t more specific.

  • Check with your airline. Some Airlines are already offering travel waivers due to the snow storm. As long as you’re booked to travel on the 19th or 20th, you should be able to change your ticket without penalty (as long as there is space on the requested date). As for the airport, give yourself plenty of time and as other said, expect delays if not cancellations.

  • im in an all around great mood today, which doesnt happen often. hooray for life!

  • Rave: Really excited that all of the transient people are going home for the holidays. I enjoy DC when it’s original residents are here.

    Rant: Working Christmas day, but thankfully, I’m in a business where that means I’ll make a lot of extra money.

    Rant: Safeway on Rhode Island Ave was packed at 11AM with people getting food. So much, that they were out of beef.

    Rave: As much as that Safeway irks me, at the end of the day, it has supplied both myself and other people of the neighborhood when we really needed it. For that, I thank them.

    • Rant: The douche that said this: Rave: Really excited that all of the transient people are going home for the holidays. I enjoy DC when it’s original residents are here.

      So you like 250-year old dead white people who owned slaves? JOKE.

    • I’m sorry that I moved here from college for a job (/end sarcasm). I’m not planning on moving out anytime soon, so you better get used to me living in DC. What if I start a family here and the next few generations of my family live in DC? Will my family still be considered transient? Why do you even comment on PoP if all you ever do is put the rest of us down?

  • I got an apartment! Woot!

  • Rant: not done with christmas shopping and I have to mail presents to California…not going to get them on time. oh well!

    Rave: first time commenting on PoP in a long time! New site format kind of tricked me, like when I went to our corporate office and forgot they had remodeled the entire suite and I was so confused I got back on the elevator…

    *Oh and question, I bought the movie The Sandlot for my nieces and nephew (8, 6, and 4)…are they too young to watch that?

  • Rave: snowstorm provides the perfect opportunity to drink beer during the day and eat chocolate for breakfast.

    Rave: first weekend without the boyfriend in awhile and I’ll be able to stay in, watch the snow fall and enjoy the solitude.

    Rant: will probably end up missing the boyfriend.

  • Rave: The chance to dust off the cross-country skis
    Rant: Tendency for snow to not accumulate as much as forecast

    Kalia – my sister’s friend was in that movie! You can find a link to ‘parents guide for the sandlot’ on imdb.com. Looks like there are some things to watch out for: profanity, vomiting, and “Little Kids may find the Beast or Giant dog a little frightening”

  • Rant – My wax melted! My X-country skis are 60+ year old Norwegian wooden – cumbersome at best and wax is always hit or miss. But now the bag has really gone gooey. . .

    Rave – probably a good thing, since in our rare snows I have usually wound up skiing stupidly far in one direction in Rock Creek or the canal, and then died on the way home.

    And for NP or anyone flying tomorrow – best advice – VODKA! Fill up your 3 oz. shampoo bottles (new ones – shampoo taste never goes away) and they will get through carry-on screening.

    Bring an inflatable pillow, comfy clothes – earplugs. A sarong is lightweight, packs small and useful in 100 ways when sleeping in an airport. A good book. And/or download recorded books to whatever device you have. A deck of cards. Expect to be stuck – but be open to the adventure of it.

    Oooh! – my capcha is “Bearskin possible”

  • commenting is not putting people down.. it’s oh.. maybe just commenting.. unless it’s butt ugly in a racist violent sort of way. it is nice when the city empties out and yes may of us who were born here or have lived here a life time do consider the newbies transients. rightly or wrongly as they say…….

    • inmtpl,

      i hear you. i’ve only been here 13 years, so not a native at all. but i understand that its pretty cool when people that didnt go to elementary school here or HS here leave. dudes you didnt played sports with, or knew from whatever all growing up. when were all gone, you recapture some memories and it probably feels solid. thats a beautiful thing. and it must be a nice time of peace to not hear, ” oh we do it this way in________town, usa.” all the freaking time.

      the rest of us are just sensitive and jealous and it hurts a little because we LOVE dc, and feel at home here and try to carve out our place and justification however we can. i mean i’m proud of where i’m from, and i grew up in a cool place, and i’ve had experiences you couldn’t have had, but i want dc to be my home and the only roots i have here are the ones i’ve dug and planted myself. thats not nearly as deep as those of multiple generation washingtonians. we don’t know dc like you do.
      and ya’ll deserve credit for sticking through the hard times when so many bailed on the city, and even trained their kids to dis the district.
      but you probably know and understand that.

      PS, i have a neighbor that considers all people not from my neighborhood “foreigners”. at first i was all like, oh shit, does he consider me “the other” and a foreigner, i thought we were cool. now i just find it a little funny.

      • d.c. is your home and we “d.c. lifers” should thank you for caring and making d.c your home. truthfully in any city or town new people breath life into it. different perspective, a less cynical point view and the the energy to perhaps make us see things in a positive way that gets lost in the day to day grind. i’m very tired of d.c living right now and you and others like yourself show me maybe ther is something here to appreciate.

  • As a newbie of ten years, I really cant stand native DCers anymore. I have a laundry list of complaints about how you messed up what could have been a wonderful city. How a city with so much to offer and so many resources, that is by US standards old, could be a disaster in so many ways.
    I blame the natives, who elected worthless public servants that filled critical law enforcement and gubment jobs with crinimals and cronies.
    Lets just be honest and say the natives did a terrible job with the place.

    /former imperialist turned colonist.
    / sarcasm, is it your friend?
    //all hail the queen

    • Kalorini

      DC native or not, if you reside in DC you can vote for/against DC’s elected officials. I guess we’re all to blame in that regard.

    • Huh? Read City of Magnificent Intentions, or the PBS special narrated by Connie Chung on the history of DC. Especially the stuff from around 1850 to 1968. Then comment.

  • Kalorini: MPD is still getting rid of the xcons and gang bangers that Barrys adminstration put on the force. The corruption has gone way down over the years, but some elements remain. As for the city gov, great strides have been made. I often wonder how bad thigs really were in that all of the years of work hasnt changed the cities rep or standing in regards to the rest of the country.

  • Rave: The snow falling! Makes me feel like I’m back in college in upstate NY.

    Rant: The snow falling. Makes me want to snuggle up in bed all night with my fiance, but he’s currently living in NYC with my parents because he’s been unemployed for 6 months. = (

  • One of the top ten love affairs of my life happened with a guy I met while snowed in at Newark. He was going to Africa to save people, I was going to St. Moritz to ski. We had one date when we both got home, then drove the next week across the country to Seattle. I’m still in love with his parents. Snow is magic.

  • people who feel the need to compare DC’s relative small snowfall to their hometown/ex college town/somewhere else can kiss my ass. yes you and your old town are super cool. now piss off.

    i’ll take whatever snow we get and i love it!

    oh, and yes, the grocery stores get mobbed. its not a big deal. we don’t need incredulous commentary.

  • Rave: I went out to shovel off the first foot of snow and sweep the porch. I was the only one outside. It was so beautiful I dropped the shovel in the yard and walked around. I don’t care about all the inconveniences, for the first time in a long while we’re going to have a white Christmas and I’m just thrilled.

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