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  • another lame b&w metro shot. seen one seen em all.

  • I would like to see a black and white shot of someone smiling (or at least not zombie-like) on the metro. Probably too much to expect at rush hour, but at U St around 1am Saturday I bet it could be done.

  • Hey, that’s my hotdog cart! That is, that’s the hotdog cart I buy my cokes from. The little man is quite cheerful, but his change-making skills could use improvement, so I always make sure to have exact change for him. One time, I gave him a $10, and he was so flummoxed that he just said, “you get me next time”.

  • Here is a woman who appears to be exhausted and has a headache and some twat with a camera is snapping her photo and posting it to a blog for strangers to comment on? You people suck.

  • Here is a person posting a photo on a blog for the enjoyment of his readers and some anonymous twat with a keyboard is shitting all over it and telling other people they suck? No, YOU people suck. If you don’t like it, STFU.

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