Judging Restaurants – Sushi Go Round & Tapas


Sushi Go Round & Tapas is located at 705 7th Street NW. This is the spot located next to the Verizon Center. I’m always curious about this spot when I go see a movie at the Regal Cinema inside the mall. You can see their menus here. Any fans?


Incidentally I had a crepe at the nearby Crepes on the walk. I had a cheese, avocado and tomato one for $6 and it was awesome!

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  • Food isn’t particularly good but their happy hour prices are great.

  • I’ve never eaten there, but we stopped in for a drink before a movie once. The bar is tiny and you’ll probably be the only ones sitting there, but service is great and the drinks are strong. There were lots of folks eating there, and the food actually looked pretty good.

  • Happy hour only and don’t expect great food; strong drinks are certain however.

  • I went to a Tapas go-round when I lived in Brussels and I loved it! I think Tapas go round is much better than a sushi go round… something about the raw fish going round and round freaks me out. Granted, I’ve eaten there before. The regular sushi that you order is pretty decent but the sushi go round lacks good options.

  • I don’t know about the sushi place, but that crepe looks damn good.

  • This place is great if you aren’t too hungry. The trick is to sit and watch the conveyor belt for a bit to see what is picked off. If you see the same thing go around more than once, stay away. I have been here several times and never got sick. There are better sushi places in the city but it is a great experience and perfect if you are waiting for the next movie.

  • We’ve been to Sushi Go-Round a couple of times before seeing movies at Gallery Place. It’s OK for a quick meal, which is often all we have time for before a weeknight movie. No one is going to claim this is great sushi — sometimes the fish is not the freshest, although cooked items are generally respectable to good. One needs to choose carefully, as the bill can add up pretty quickly.

  • I went to Sushi Go-Round last week before seeing a movie. It’s perfect when you want something quick. The sushi was decent too.

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