I was hoping not to get an email like this – Shots Fired in the Snow

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“Dear PoP,

Gun shots ring, are you listnin’

Another day in winter wonderland, and another firearms exchange near the Lincoln Westmoreland complex. Four shots rang out around 1:40 at the corner of 8th and Q at which point the suspect began to run north on 8th street towards LW and rattled off another 3 shots in that direction.

Police responded very quickly to calls, and they are driving around the surrounding blocks in a matter of minutes. Apparently there was an off duty officer at the 7-11 who ran out and pursued the suspect. I’m not sure if he was apprehended.

It’s amazing that this can be such a frequent occurrence, even during a record winter storm, within a 25 minute walk of the White House.”

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  • Kalorini

    And MPD info about this?

  • What’s even more amazing is that all those cops would show up at 14th and U for the infamous snowball fight instead of fighting real crime. And this is why DC is such a mess when it comes to crime.

  • There are gunshots by Lincoln Westmoreland every few weeks. Cops are called there every day. I see a line-up almost every week.

    He was shooting in the direction of the new Shaw library construction. I wonder how many of those huge glass panes that make up that building they’ll have to replace in the first year.

    DC is more interested in making the homeowner’s in Shaw spend tens of thousands of dollars doing historically accurate repairs to their homes, than protect the people that live there.

  • I should add that this shooting brought the entire block out on the street, and everyone was lending each other shovels and meeting a few new folks who moved in the neighborhood (and who will hopefully stay despite the incident.)

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