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  • PoP! Really!? That is the most hideous shade of “[email protected]”!

  • I was kind of shocked at first, but I like it. If its in Columbia Heights (particularly off 14th) then it fits. The window art goes a long way in diffusing the contrast between the blue and the brick.

    I would do something to the stair pillars and the door pillars.. find some white or yellow objects, cloth..

  • Westminster Circle is definitely one of the cooler neighborhoods in Shaw these days. Lots of brightly-colored accents on the homes there!

  • i dig the catwalk on the house next door.

  • It looks like they put up the blue masking tape that’s used before you paint. Weird.

  • i do murals and such in peoples houses and use the blue painters tape a lot. you’d be surprised how many people think its a part of the finished paintjob.. and they love it.

  • AWFUL! and I think that everytime i have to walk my dog by this house, because i live right around the corner. agree with poster who said this is a [email protected]! TERRIBLE! and PoP – you could have picked the recently BEAUTIFULLY and historically correct renovated corner unit, just a few doors down!

  • This is the house of artist George Smith-Shomari. He is a professor art at UDC and specializes in printmaking & art education.

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