Dear PoP – Big police bust at Sherman and Euclid Monday Night

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“Dear PoP,

Just came home to the intersection Sherman Avenue and Euclid Street, around 6:45 pm (Monday night). At the intersection are five police cars with lights blazing, plus one unmarked with police plates, and a civilian car burning its four-ways. We saw the cops putting a man in fatigues into the back of one of the cars, and now there are half a dozen officers out conversing on the corner. Any info as to what’s going on in my front yard?”

MPD 3D Commander Jacob Kishter writes:

“Third District members on patrol intervened on an attempt carjacking at Sherman Ave and Euclid St, NW. One adult male was arrested without incident.”

Excellent work!

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  • Don’t know if this is related, but at around the same time five police cars came screaming down 16th Street, turned down P heading towards 17th and came to a screeching halt. Not sure what happened then, but it looked more serious than a snowball fight breaking out.

  • Now if only they could crack down on the dealers near the rainbow bench park and Exxon on 14th… Phil Graham? Cathy Lanier? Is this news to you?

  • Vonstallin

    Carjacking is soooooo 1990’s… I mean Who does that??????

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