Old McDonald’s Space in Cleveland Park Finally Getting a Tenant – “DC Diner”


Wow, it has been forever for the old McDonald’s spot at 3407 Connecticut Ave., NW to get a new tenant. The alcohol application license says, “New restaurant with recorded music. Occupancy load 150.” Trade name – DC Diner. Great news for Cleveland Park!


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  • I love those pink peeps that showed up around easter!

  • weird. at one point that space was going to become a Latin American Grill but they were violating cleveland parks restaurant moratorium and had to abandon their plans. Perhaps this Diner is allowed to open now that Yenching Palace closed?
    What boggles the mind though is the same question I always ask. How on earth was it more profitable for the landlord to keep this place vacant for over a decade than to simply charge a more reasonable rent that a non restaurant could afford.

  • old macdonalds space was claimed…E-I-E-I-Oh!

  • if it’s good i’ll be there. I just hope their food is more inspired than The Diner or Open City.

  • I think the DC gov needs to force the hand of a lot of land lords to charge market rents by taxing heavily any propertys remaining vacant for more than 1yr. Cause this was just a blight for way too long. Clearly the owners own a lot of properties and arent hurting for money and so the interests of the community come last. furthermore retail just cant compete rent wise with restaurants. Not sure how to remedy that

  • Hope they plan on selling lots of pancakes, last time I checked on this space the rent was over $10,000 a month. Which is why they sit on it, eventually they get a fool to pay that price and make up the lost time in less than a year.

  • I’m excited to finally see something going in here. I hope they serve a good brunch. There’s really nowhere else in Cleveland Park to go for breakfast or brunch.

  • Anonymous @ at 5:07 pm: It’s a diner, what exactly do you expect? The Diner and Open City are actually very, very good at what they do.

  • Tasty diner is a diner in Bethesda and the brunch food is terrible. Just being a diner doesn’t mean they can do a good brunch.

  • Dave- you don’t go to diners for brunch. You go for greasy breakfast. It’s like asking a chinese place to do good sushi- the food may have similarities, but you’re barking up the wrong tree.

  • Who goes to a diner for “inspired” food or brunch, which some wag described as “taking two good meals and making one lousy one with a slice of melon?” Eggs, sausage, toast, grits, bacon, meatloaf, roast turkey, hot soup, strong coffee. They just need to be able to pull that kinda food off. If they start putting lime foam on everything or putting crap on small plates, they’re in trouble.

  • Yay for diners.

    And a PoP suggestion: when you list locations, do you think you could put the cross street as well as the address? An address isn’t the most useful information on these long streets. To me, anyway.

  • Vonstallin

    Damn…McDonalds been close for a decade??? where the hell have i been… I hit the Viet pho place down the street from their…

    When i use to work at the zoo id hit it all the time..

    I miss Unos in cleveland park..

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